10 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making as a New Parent


10 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making as a New Parent

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid Making as a New Parent:

Having your first baby can turn your world upside down. As new parents, you are bound to make a few mistakes. It is absolutely normal but what you need to be careful about is not making those dangerous mistakes that could be really harmful for your baby. Here are a few mistakes that you should avoid as new parents.

1. Stocking up newborn diapers

True that diapers are the most needed item in the shopping list once you have a baby. You spend a lot of money on diapers, and some even stock up a lot of them in piles to save themselves from the trouble of running short of them. But know that your baby is growing day by day embracing new changes every new day. Your baby will definitely outgrow the diapers meant for newborns soon, leaving those piles of diapers useless. So make sure that you buy enough diapers according to the requirement.

2. Letting the baby sleep throughout the night

Seeing your baby sleep throughout the night without waking up in between and crying for milk may sound really relieving for you. But this is a big no as babies must be woken up every two hours between their sleep to get fed. They pee frequently, leaving them dehydrated and hence, make sure that you do not let him sleep throughout the night.

3. Loading the crib with toys  

You may do this under the impression that the baby may get bored lying on the crib after a point. But this is a huge mistake that has to be avoided. The toys could have sharp edges and soft toys could suffocate the baby thereby leading him to dangerous situations. So keep the crib minimal without any toys or other stuff taking up the space.

4. Not installing the car seat

Car seats are important for the safety of your baby. Holding them in your hand or just leaving him on the seat won’t guarantee him any safety. Make sure that you install the car seat at the earliest to keep your baby safe from any unforeseen sudden accidents and injuries.

5. Giving solids before your baby is ready

You may have this strong desire inside you to see your baby growing up healthy. Solids help babies grow up healthy and stay nutritioned. But there is a specific time to start solids, and giving him solids before he is ready for it may have an inverse effect on the baby. It may affect his health in a bad way. Ask your doctor when is the right time to start solids and go according to it to avoid any health issues in future.

6. Procrastinating in baby-proofing

Once you have a baby, it is your duty to baby-proof the whole house to ensure a safe environment for him. Even when your baby is just a few months old, this is extremely important and procrastinating this could put you in serious trouble. You could buy baby safety products online to create a safe environment for your baby.

7. Not paying attention to food allergy signs

Your baby may be allergic to certain food and you may get a vague idea about it right in the beginning. He may react to certain food and may show signs like itching, stomach ache, and so on. Do not ignore these signs. Rather, treat them right in the beginning and things could be a lot easier for you.

8. Ignoring signs of fever

We are so used to falling sick and having a temperature that we ignore it most of the times and go on with our busy lives. This can’t be done with babies. Once you get an idea that he has a temperature, take him to the doctor without ignoring it with the assumption that it is just a fever and he will be fine soon. Babies are delicate and they need extra care and attention all the time.

9. Not doing it together with your partner

Babies have the potential of keeping you on your toes all the time. You may find it difficult to find time to even talk with your partner. But know that your relationship with your partner is extremely important and babies should bring you both closer and make your bond stronger. So share the chores and baby duties with your partner and find some quality time to talk to him to make that bonding stay intact.

10. Not having time for yourself

Me-time is extremely important to maintain your sanity. Divide your duties with your partner and try finding some me-time to pamper yourself or meditate. It could be really hard to find that space and time with a dependant demanding baby crying for your presence practically all the time. But it isn’t impossible to spare a few minutes to retain your sanity and find a balance between everything.

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