3 Things You Should Not Do in an International School


3 Things You Should Not Do in an International School

3 Things You Should Not Do in an International School:

There’s a certain privilege that comes with studying in an international school in Manila. They’re not all too rare but they exude a sense of excellence and elegance that is unique only to them! that being said, international schools are still just educational institutions like the other kinds of schools. They all have the same goals, and that is to develop the future leaders of the country!

With that in mind, we should remember that there are things that you should never do when you’re in school. It is a place of learning and educational attainment. Everything that the students get exposed to can potentially affect their upbringing! Keep in mind these # things that you should never do in an international school!


Bullying Other Students

The act of talking down to or physically hitting other people is rampant in almost everywhere you go. Schools have to put up with it in many ways. International schools have to deal with it a bit more seriously because they have people of different cultures and races in them.

Students should never resort to bullying the other students. It’s just plain wrong. It’s also important to consider that cultural differences are not anything to be looked down upon. In fact, every student should be proud of their cultural heritage!

Bullying will only lead to disciplinary action. You only stand to lose face when you’re caught in the act. The world today no longer tolerates bullying. It’s an unacceptable misconduct that warrants severe disciplinary action.


Disrupting the Class

There’s a difference between being intellectually active, and downright disrupting the class. An active student will engage in fruitful discussions with the teachers and other students. This would then lead to group learning, a popular teaching technique nowadays.

Students that disrupt classes do so by creating unnecessary noise and distractions. It would usually be enough to interrupt a lecture and again, warrant some disciplinary actions. Remember that when you’re in class, your aim is to learn, not to show off unruliness.


Never Lie and Cheat

Though quite different, these two concepts can be discussed in the same context. Lying to people and cheating on academics are very bad things to do. And in an educational institution such as international schools in Manila, the learning does not only happen within the classroom. Take note that even the character of the students is also being developed! Actions such as lying and cheating are not tolerable.

A child will choose to do these actions, making them aware that they’re doing something bad. This can potentially stay until they become adults and part of the workforce! It would be best to remove these bad habits while they’re at school instead of when they’re already working!


Key Takeaway

There are many things that would warrant disciplinary action. The three mentioned above are simply the most notable and probably the worst kind of offense that students can do. make sure that you don’t any of these when you’re in school so that you won’t get into any kind of trouble!

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