3 things none told you about breastfeeding


3 things none told you about breastfeeding

3 things none told you about breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding your baby is a loving , nurturing experience that strengthens the bond between you two. It carries on the physiological relationship that began when your baby was developing in your womb. your baby knows your milk will be there when he needs it and trusts it to be pure & good. Because of this, some people say that breastfeeding is the first way to tell the truth to a baby and keep a promise. with that being said there are 3 things that you should always take care of. 
These are:

1. keep calm & latch on

The key to happy, trouble-free breastfeeding is knowing how to get your baby's mouth correctly fixed or latched on to your breast. If your baby's latched on properly he'll get enough milk & you'll avoid breast and lactation problems. To encourage your baby to latch on as easily as possible, give yourself plenty of time to feed and make sure you're comfortable and relaxed. Correct latching on is important to both you & your baby for 2 reasons. First, it prevents your baby from sucking on the nipple itself, which can cause soreness and cracking. Second, it allows him to stimulate a good flow of milk.

2. Preparing your nipples for breastfeeding

Now this is also very important & you must take care of it from initial stage of breastfeeding. When you first start breastfeeding your nipples will feel delicate so increase the length of time on each breast gradually. Two mins on each breast will give your baby sufficient colostrum at first . build up the time on each breast to 10 mins each side by the time milk has come in on about the third or fourth day. 

3. Taking care of your breast

Your breast need special care when you start breastfeeding. Be careful about the hygiene of your breast & nipples. Bathe them everyday with water; don't use soap because it defats the skin and can encourage a sore or cracked nipple to develop. Always handle your breast gently. Never rub them dry, always pat them. Leaking breast can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, causing craked nipple and staining your clothes so try to always wear breast pads inside your bra to soak up any milk that may leak and change these pads often. Don't leave  wet pad in contact with your breast for any length of time. To avoid cracked nipple apply a drop of olive oil. 
Breastfeeding is simple - if it weren't so many millions of infants & mothers wouldn't have managed it successfully. Some mothers do have problems getting started, though, so do ask for help from family, friends, nurses if you need.

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