6 Simple Tips for Avoiding a C -section and have a normal delivery


6 Simple Tips for Avoiding a  C -section and have a normal delivery

6 Simple Tips for Avoiding a C -section and have a normal delivery:

The moment you get to know you are expecting you will be showered with a lot of blessings and advice. The common advice every pregnant lady in India receives is, stay happy and avoid a C section. In recent times, C section is getting very common than normal delivery. The sad reality is educated mothers who have a low risk of pregnancy opt for a planned C section in order to get away with pain and anxiety during the labour. But, the recovery time of C section delivery is usually very long and the mother can expect complications in the future.


Here are top 6 Simple Tips to avoid a C section and have a healthy normal delivery


1. Choose the Right Doctor

As soon as you confirm the news of the pregnancy, opt for the best hospital and doctors who promote normal delivery. Many doctors prefer C section because it is easy and they can cash out more. It is very important to discuss with your doctor about your preference at the beginning. Always hire a good midwife who can guide you throughout the pregnancy.


2. Stay Stress-Free

Pregnancy can be a very stressful journey for most of the ladies this usually is due to the change in hormones. But, it is very important to stay calm and take care of mental health. The best practice is to meditate, listen to soft music and talk to your baby.

3. Right breathing technique

Many women are not much aware of right breathing techniques. But, breathing is very important especially during tough labour. It is must to practice below-mentioned breathing techniques

Shallow breathing

Breathing from your stomach

Breathing from your chest

Practice Alternating shallow and deep breathing

4. Healthy Weight Gain

It is very obvious to put on a few kilograms as the pregnancy progress but it is very important to keep a check on what you eat. Eat a balanced diet and avoid junk food as must as you can. It is very difficult to push out a heavy baby via normal delivery. Monitor the foetus growth throughout the delivery

5. Exercising

As long as your doctor doesn't restrict you from indulging in exercises, keep yourself fit and active throughout pregnancy. Walking, swimming and prenatal yoga is the best form of exercise to stay fit throughout the pregnancy.  All the pregnant ladies should avoid indulging in heavy weight training.


6. Rest during Last Trimester

Getting plenty of rest in the last trimester is very important, a well rested pregnant lady can easily take up the challenge of delivering a baby without any intervention. Labour is a difficult process, a woman needs a lot of energy during the time of delivery, this is only possible when she takes ample of rest in her third trimester. It is must for pregnant women to have 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep. The best practice is to sleep on the left side, keeping a pillow between the legs can reduce the lower back pain and promote uninterrupted peaceful sleep.

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