7 Virtues every child should posses


7 Virtues every child should posses

7 Virtues every child should posses:

Parents work hard 24*7 to make a better future for their kids. They furnish them with top education and best facilities. A successful career and lavish life style is the wish of every parents for their children. What else the child should have as they grow up? The answer is Virtues. Virtues are moral standards which every child should posses. It has to be inculcated in them right from childhood days.

Here are the most important V's:

1)Patience: The first and foremost is to have tolerance capacity. Life comes with different challenges then and now. There might be delays or suffering at times. But one should show endurance towards it.

2) Courage: The strength to fight one's fear. Child need to be brave enough to face the things/situations,which scare or make them uncomfortable.

3) Honesty: There are two ways to success. One is to be truthful always which is tough, but not impossible. Other is to be disloyal and cheat on others ,and is the easier path. But is not good at all. Child should be honest always so that they gain trust of he people around them.

4) Compassion: Compassion and Kindness go hand in hand. Child should be understanding and helpful towards his/her family friends and fellow mates. 

5) Prudence: To choose the right option might place the Child in dilemma at times. They need to be careful while making any decision. Both pros and cons of the decision should be evaluated and matter should be analyzed in detail.

6) Respect: Child should learn to respect other human beings. Whether elder or younger,rich or poor .Every individual deserve respect.

7) Forgiveness: Child should let go the grievances against the other person and forgive their mistakes. If  the mistake is on their oart,they should learn to accept it and should ask for forgiveness from the concerned person. 

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