8 ways to overcome sleep disorders


8 ways to overcome sleep disorders

8 ways to overcome sleep disorders:

A good dream is a biological need. It is necessary for maintaining health and for normal mental activity, so sleep disturbances are very harmful.

During the night rest, the body "recharges the batteries", and at this time our consciousness and subconsciousness complete the tasks that were left unfinished.

Balance is established in all systems of the body,  and our body and mind are preparing to meet "fully armed" a new day.

The problem is that we often can not sleep properly and sleep well. The style of modern life and new technologies do not contribute to this.

The constant "lack of sleep" and sleep disturbances are expressed in reduced working capacity, in a bad mood, and in other undesirable reactions.

Fortunately, there are natural ways that help to normalize sleep.

We will tell you about eight such methods. With their help, you can easily fall asleep and sleep tight.


1. Easy to Eat

A light dinner two or three hours before bedtime is a prerequisite for a good night's sleep.

Too thick dinner, which includes acute and fatty foods, can provoke acid reflux and indigestion,  and, undoubtedly, sleep disturbances.

You can not completely refrain from dinner, because the feeling of hunger, too, will not give a normal sleep and sleep soundly.


2. Use bed only for sleeping

If the bed is associated only with sleep, we naturally fall asleep, as soon as we "come into contact" with her.

It is important not to use the bedroom for work or other activities not related to sleep.


3. Create suitable conditions in the bedroom

The situation in the bedroom should facilitate normal sleep and a sound sleep.

The bed should be comfortable, the pillow - too.  More or less bright light should not be.

There should also be no distractions that can cause sleep disturbances. For example, an unpleasant smell.


4. It is necessary to observe a certain ritual of going to sleep

Go to bed and get up at a certain time.  It promotes a good sleep.

The body gets used to this routine, and there are no problems with falling asleep.

Going to bed, you need, of course, turn off the TV and put the mobile phone away.


5. The siesta should not be long

If too much sleep during the day, you may have trouble falling asleep in the evening.

A little sleep after dinner is harmless, but this sleep should not last longer than 20 minutes.


6. Do you want to avoid sleep disturbance? Give up stimulants!

In tobacco smoke, alcohol and coffee contain substances that stimulate the brain and maintain it in a state of alertness.

It is clear that this interferes with falling asleep and sleeping normally since the brain remains active and does not perceive signals indicating that it is necessary to rest.


7. No intensive training in the evening

Woman with dumbbells and sleep disorders

The exercise of high intensity can be useful, but you can not deal with them in the evening hours.

They are too excited for the body, and this can interfere with normal sleep and sleep.

It is better to do the exercises at other times, not later than 5 hours before bedtime.


8. Eat foods and drinks that help to fall asleep

Such natural remedies are rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that stimulates the production of melatonin, which helps fight insomnia and other sleep disorders.

They have a soothing and relaxing effect on our body and psyche so that we easily fall asleep.

You can call such natural "sleeping pills":

  • ·         Infusion of banana peel
  • ·         Hot milk
  • ·         Infusion of valerian
  • ·         Nuts
  • ·         Bee Honey
  • ·         Infusion of chamomile.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Follow these recommendations and you will see how, through them, your dream will improve.

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