8 Ways your kids can get exercise Indore


8 Ways your kids can get exercise Indore

8 Ways your kids can get exercise Indore:

Now days, children are getting more struck towards indoors rather than outdoors. But lesser is they know that how essential it is for them to go for outdoor activities in order to have a healthy and cheerful life ahead. The importance of outdoors is becoming extinct people must assure that their little ones go for outdoors rather than sitting at home and watching televisions using mobile phones. Running, playing and other outdoor activities will enhance their energy levels by providing them appropriate amount of exercise they need! But kids now days are being stubborn and are never ready to step out of houses and choose to stay at home which makes it tough for the parents to deal with the situation. So, here I bring to you 8 ways how your kid can get exercise indoor. 


Active video games like play station 3 is a video game which allows your kid to stand, move and jump while playing and being sticked to his interest. This will satisfy both the video game addict kid and the parents who want their child to move rather than sitting for hours in front of led.                       



Kids are always ready to play and in the name of games give them little tasks to accomplish and also set some cute little rewards for them if they complete the job. Give them really simple tasks like collecting all the dirty dishes from the dining table or cleaning a room or arranging their play area or collecting the trash, give them some deadline and some reward like a chocolate or some candies or a small present they demanded since long!                       


Best is to yourself indulge with them and be playful. Try to catch their interests and make them feel happy. Give them some time and yourself play little games will them. Trust me they will be amazingly happy and this will be a part of their activity!                       


Children tend to copy the acts of their parents and whatever you do, your child is going to infuse it further. So, you can do small activities alongside while you do other things to keep them moving like walking while reading or doing little pus-ups while watching t.v or wall pressing when you need to memorize something. These little gestural activities will keep their circulation on move!                       


Yes, you heard it right, suddenly start frolics by playing little jumle dumble wrestling with them. They won’t only enjoy it but this also will enhance their bodily activities!                       

   6)   YOGA JENGA:
Use a pencil to write down a yoga move on each JENGA block. Set up the tower and play the game as usual, but every time a block is pulled out, every player has to do the specific yoga move. If the tower falls, do the plank for 30 seconds.                     

   7)   DANCE PARTY:

Do the whip and nae nae with the kids, while you dab and juju on that beat. (No idea what I just said? No worries. Your kids do.) Find songs on YouTube, or more likely their iPod, and dance the night away. Throw in some oldies but goodies, like the Electric Slide and Mac-arena, too. Or skip the choreography altogether and just get silly. Video recordings are recommended, for posterity's sake (or to show the doctor if you throw your back out).                       


The best is to get a skipping rope at home! Whenever they are free, indulge them in a habit of skipping and this will become an everyday source of interest to them. They will have a good time with it and the indoor exercise will always be bustled!



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