A Tricky Prep


A Tricky Prep

A Tricky Prep:

Read through the whole syllabus a couple of times,

Even bought a handful of guides and meticulously took notes


Was always attentive, focused and went through all the review sessions,

The preperations were top-notch as we patiently tracked all the progressions


Thought we had ample time in hand before the final arrival,

But... Alas! All my preps fell short before the actual final


Stood dumbstruck and cluelessly waited for moments to unfold,

When I thought the battle was lost,

All my preps were in vain & my energies exhaust,

In his warm embrace, the ceremonious air whispered to me....This is Motherhood


This was not victory, this was content

The lullabies followed and came along some great times that I will never forget.


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