Are we celebrating the festivals the right way


Are we celebrating the festivals the right way

Are we celebrating the festivals the right way:


Festivals are around the corner. The word festival itself is full of fun, excitement and colours. Being an Indian, we always feel proud celebrating festivals be it Diwali, Holi, Navratri. As you know it very well, India is a land of colourful festivals. Apart from religious ones there are National festivals too, which bring the whole nation together. 

But since few years, the festivals are no more appealing to me. I find no zeal or enthusiasm in celebrating these festivals. Festivals are bringing hazardous results rather than joy.

Holi, the festival of colours, which brings the people of different religions and castes all together has lost its true essence. People celebrate with drugs and liquor. The artificial colours are loaded with harmful chemicals which are not good for skin at all. I just keep away myself from those harmful colours. This festival’ is proving to be an environmental risk due to the toxic colors used during the celebrations. Unlimited and uncontrolled use of such dyes can lead to grave consequences in terms of human health and ecological balance. These colors are highly structured polymers and are very difficult to decompose biologically.

Diwali, the festival of sweets and crackers. Bursting crackers is the main cause for global warming. Since few years air pollution is the main concern for people from all over the world. As diwali approaches, the sky is filled with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere with serious health hazards. It also causes noise pollution.

Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival observed for 10 days with great joy also has some bad effects on environment. As per traditions, on the last day of festival, the idols are immersed in the nearby lakes and rivers. These idols are made of POP, which kills aquatic plants and marine life.

What 's the point behind celebrating these festivals? In passion of celebrating these festivals we forget the hazardous impact on our environment. Moreover our culture and traditions which were depicted through our festivals have somehow lost their values. Festivals are just considered as off days or you can say holidays,  just to enjoy by watching movies, visiting malls or celebrating in restaurants and pubs.
Festival celebrations have become more self - centered and moving away from it's tradition.

Festivals are meant to worship god for blessings, to make our body and soul pure. Right?

Durga Puja, Navratri, who all fast and celebrate, do they really mean it? I mean what is the purpose behind preforming these pujas, when a man beats his wife or leaves his aged mother on road all alone and the very next day keeps fast for Maa Durga? A newly wed enters her new house with millions of dreams but she is beaten, tortured or burnt alive for dowry. If these people can't respect women and girls of their house how can they pay respect to a Devi? 

What is the point of Saraswati puja when girls are deprived of from their studies. They are married at the very tender age when they are supposed to play with dolls. An unborn girl child is aborted in the womb and on the Ashtmi and Navmi people search kanyas to worship in form of Devi. People are unable to protect their own daughters. 

Isn' t it an irony, a country which has highest number of crimes against women like sexual abuse, rapes, dowry, domestic violence etc, celebrates 'Navratri ' twice a year!

As parents, it is our duty to educate our children about our tradition, culture and moral values. Teach them to give respect to all the religions and treat their elders and partners as equal.

You can also:

Use organic colours while playing holi. Save water as much as you can.
Instead of electric lights use earthen diyas. Say no to crackers. 
During de-cluttering activities at home, donate all the old and unwanted stuff to the needy ones.
Ditch plastic for packaging gifts and food.
And the most important, people keep their mind and heart free from all evil thoughts and treat all the females in and out of their lives with equality and huge respect.
People need to realize that just as it is important to perform rituals and enjoy festivals, it is equally as important to keep air, water, soil and heart safe  and pollution free.

At last, let us everyone take a pledge to celebrate festivals with our friends, family in a traditional way, the way which does not harm any individual, society, community, country or the environment.

Thanks for reading.

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