Avoid these food items in babies till age of 12 months


Avoid these food items in babies till age of 12 months

Avoid these food items in babies till age of 12 months:

Babies till the age of 6 months are on breastfeed. As the baby grows his requirement for nutrition increases too. A mother starts feeding formula milk, fruit and vegetable purees and fluids to meet the baby 's nutritional requirement. But, there are some foods which are not recommended by the paediatricians, to be given till the age of 1.

Salt: Avoid giving salt to babies before 1. A baby’s salt requirement per day is less than 1 g per day (0.4g of sodium) and this is mostly met by the breast milk or formula. So any extra salt will be a burden on the tiny kidneys and the kidney’s will not be able to function properly due to the excessive load.

Sugar: Sugar is refined by lot of chemical processes which may be harmful to children. Excess sugar may cause tooth decay and depress immunity. Research has also shown that children fed with high sugar diet were prone to cardiovascular, diabetes and obesity.

Nuts: Nuts may cause choking and allergy risk in children below 1.

Honey: Never give honey to your baby. It may contain bacteria that can cause  botulism, a rare, but serious illness.

Biscuits: They are processed with preservatives and additives. Moreover they don't contain any nutritional value.

Tea, coffee and aerated drinks: These drinks interrupt baby 's appetite and bowel movements. Tea and coffee contain caffeine which stops the body from absorbing essential nutrients.

Cow's milk: Do not give your baby , cow's milk  until they are 1 year old. Babies under age 1 have a difficult time digesting cow's milk.

Don’t feed homemade spinach, green beans, squash, or carrots  to babies younger than age of 6 months. These foods can have high amounts of nitrates. This raises the risk for a blood disorder (methemoglobinemia) that can interfere with oxygen delivery in the blood.



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