Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion Review


Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion Review

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion Review:

When you are a first-time mommy, you need to research a lot especially when it comes to select the baby products. Almost all the leading brand has come up with their new range of baby products.  When you visit the baby stops, I am sure we can see more than 7-10 newly launched baby products.

As a mother, I am extremely careful about choosing the right skin product for my child. She has a sensitive skin and tends to lose moisture easily after bathing. I have been using Dove for myself since a very long time when I came across Dove lotion for the baby, I couldn't resist myself from trying it out. Dove has recently launched the new baby products range.

Here is the detailed review about the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion


The Baby Dove Nourishing Lotion comes in a drop-shaped bottle which has a flip cap for easy usage. The is zero chances of dripping as the cap secures the lotion well.

My Experience

Baby Dove Lotion has a nice milky texture which deeply soothes and hydrates the delicate baby skin. The pH neutral formula is best for all type of baby skin, it works really well for sensitive skin and new-born babies. The formula is dermatologist and pediatrician tested, hence it is a totally safe product for baby's sensitive skin.

I use the Baby Dove Nourishing Baby Lotion post bath for my child. It is extremely mild and of little thick consistency which blends well into the skin. The pleasant floral fragrance is irresistible and refreshing. I have been using the lotion for almost 2 weeks and love it.

It keeps the skin hydrated for long durations. the milky white colored baby lotion gets quickly absorbed into the baby skin and is perfect for everyday use. It is extremely best for dry skin during winters. It hydrated the skin well and is not at all greasy.


The new range of Baby Dove lotion consistent of safe ingredients like water, glycerin, Tapioca Starch, Parfum, Petrolatum.


 The pack of Baby Dove Rich Moisture Lotion is priced at INR 180 for 200 ml.

What did I like The Most About Dove Rich Moisture Baby Lotion?

1. The packaging is cute and travel-friendly

2. The milky white texture works great for moisturizing dry and sensitive baby skin.

3. The non-greasy texture and mild lotion blends well into the skin and keeps it moisturized for a long duration.

4. A great moisturizer for everyday use. Best is to use post bath as the lotion helps the lock the moisture and keeps the skin hydrated.

5. The price is also pocket-friendly and affordable.


I could see the mention on Alcohol as ingredients, it would be really nice if there was no presence of Cetearyl Alcohol in this baby lotion.


My Verdict

The Baby Dove lotion is a nice product if your little one has a sensitive skin, great for everyday use and especially during the winters.





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