Baby Sebamed Rash Cream – Review


Baby Sebamed Rash Cream – Review

Baby Sebamed Rash Cream – Review:

Diaper rashes are the worst nightmare for any parent, you just don't know what to do and who to deal when you notice it first. A diaper rash can be painful and can cause itchiness as well. At times many home remedies fail to cure diaper rashes, during that time a good diaper rash cream is highly helpful. Baby Sebamed Rash Cream is one such amazing product to cure diaper rashes even for newborn babies.

The Baby Sebamed Rash Cream is a product of Sebapharma, it is a German-based pharma company which is popular for manufacturing products with ideal pH 5.

Baby Sebamed Rash Cream – Review


I got the Sebamed Rash Cream from local chemist shop, it is a neatly packed product which comes in a tube form. There is no mention of any baby picture or cartoon character on the pack. The Rash Cream has mentioned on the pack that it is ideal for pH 5.5 healthy skin. The packaging contains almost all the information about the product

My Experience

The product comes in the form of a squeeze tube and the texture is not thick, it blends well into the skin and is helpful to treat the rashes on gentle baby skin. The mild texture can be felt on the skin, there is no burning sensation after applying the cream.

The cream is not sticky and this is what makes it different from other prominent diaper rashes cream. Before putting the baby diaper, gently apply the Sebamed diaper rash cream on baby, it works as a protective shield between the skin and wetness. The rash cream quickly gets absorbed into the skin.  You can notice results soon after applying the cream to the affected area.

The fragrance of Sebamed rash cream is very mild and perfect for sensitive skin. There is zero presence of perseverative in it hence it makes this cream totally safe for newborn babies as well.


Almost all the diaper rashes cream available in the market are loaded with harmful chemical compositions, the products usually have added color, artificial smell and harmful chemicals in it. But, Sebamed rash cream is free from preservatives and also contains natural ingredients like lemongrass and methylisothiazolinone. The active ingredients of Sebamed rash cream include aqua, polyglyceryl-2-Sesquiisostearate, Petrolatum, Sorbic Acid, Triticum Vulgare bran extract etc.


What I liked the most about Sebamed Rash Cream

The presence of titanium dioxide makes it the first choice for the best rash cream, it works as a shield between the skin and extra wetness. You can see a huge difference as soon as you apply the cream for the first time on affected area It works great for extremely sensitive skin. The best part is, Sebamed rash cream is free from harmful chemicals like parabens and Phenoxyethanol as it can affect the delicate baby skin.

My experience with Sebamed rash cream is good, if you want to get a solution from painful diaper rashes immediately, Sebamed is a trusted name.



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