Best Foods during Pregnancy


Best Foods during Pregnancy

Best Foods during Pregnancy:

When you’re pregnant, it is really confusing about what to eat and what not. However, during pregnancy, you should try eating homemade and freshly cooked food because they will be fresh, hygienic and more importantly healthy. Although many pregnant women experience common yet unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness, food aversion, heightened sense of smell etc, which restricts them to enjoy every food during their pregnancy. Therefore, we have summed up a few healthy and best foods which can be consumed during pregnancy.

Here is the list of 5 best foods which are highly nutritious and healthy, if been consumed during the pregnancy. Please note, lacking in vital nutrients may lead affect the growing foetus negatively.


During pregnancy, the protein intake should be higher as it helps in meeting the needs of a growing foetus, and dairy products are the good source of proteins. Hence, an expectant mother should consume varieties of dairy products like milk, eggs, cheese, butter, yoghurt, etc. Dairy products are also the best source of calcium.

And those expectant mums, who are lactose intolerant can try having probiotic yoghurt. It is healthy for digestive systems too.


Legumes are a group of food which includes lentils, chickpeas, beans, soya beans and peanuts.

These are high in dietary fibre and improves the bowel movements. They help in lowering the cholesterol level as well. Legumes are the good source of Vitamin B (Folate), iron, zinc and magnesium. These vital nutrients reduce the risk of some birth defects and diseases.


Sweet potatoes are the good source of vitamin A which helps in the growth and proper functioning of cells in a growing foetus. Hence, the consumption of sweet potatoes can be helpful to a great extent for an expectant mother.


Spinach is the best source of iron and folate and many other vital nutrients which are healthy for a pregnant woman. Furthermore, spinach and other green vegetables like broccoli are rich in antioxidants. They promote a healthy immune system and digestion.

In addition, it also reduces the risk of low birth weight in newborns.


whole grains are considered to the best food during pregnancy as it helps in meeting the calorie requirement, especially during the third trimester.

Wole grains are fully packed with fiber and necessary vitamins. In whole grains category, the oats can be taken on a daily basis for breakfast.

Apart from the above best foods, dried nuts like dates, almonds, and raisins are also some of the best foods during pregnancy. If you are a non-vegetarian in your food habits, then eggs, liver and fish can be very helpful and healthy for your growing foetus.

Please remember, the proper and regular water intake should also be considered good as it keeps an expectant mum hydrated and energetic.

Lastly, it is very important to eat a healthy and nutritious diet as what you eat will affect your energy and your health. Hence, to make pregnancy healthier, it is wise to choose a healthy diet.

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