Bullying and The body


Bullying and The body

Bullying and The body:

By Jillian

Is it more important to be strong or to be kind?

It may be safe to say that the problem of bullying is now an epidemic.

If you believe that bullying only happens in public schools you are sadly mistaken.

Bullying happens between adults in workplaces and of course across all age groups online.

I teach students the affects bullying has on the body in workshops. The reaction the body has to positive and negative environments can be seen immediately.

That is not a typo. Yes, I mean environments.

Picture a classroom where I ask one student to come up to the front of the class. I muscle test this student to gauge his or her muscle strength to have a baseline. Then I have the student face away from the class. I show the class a sign with a positive word on it, and ensure the student cannot see the sign. I ask the class to silently project this word onto the back of the student. After muscle testing the student, I change the sign to show the class a negative word with the same instructions. The class silently projects the negative word onto the back of the student, and he or she is muscle tested again.

This student muscle tests strong for the positive word and weak for the negative word.

The student did not see or hear the words that were on the sign.

This proves there is a connection between us that we cannot see. This can be further studied by researching or looking up Quantum Entanglement, or the work of Dr. Masaro Emoto.

This can be repeated in your child's school or even in your workplace. It's very exciting to see immediate results and shows the importance of being kind to one another.

Earth itself is an eco-system with every living thing on it being affected by the other. We are biological and energetic beings and we are always connected. This connection intensifies with people we are close to and the people we are around most frequently.

This connection is beautiful when you think of your best friend and she calls, or when you wonder how your Brother is doing and he sends a text message. It's not so beautiful when you worry if you'll be bullied by Michelle again as you head into the school yard only to find yourself face to face with your personally appointed bully; Michelle.

Why do I do these workshops? Why should we be concerned with how connected we are to each other?

I believe we need to start taking responsibility for the energy we bring to each space and each relationship.

We need to begin owning our energy, owning our trauma and healing our wounds. To do this we must be taught how to listen to our own bodies. We can do this easily with muscle testing.

Ask a friend to muscle test with you, and follow these instructions only if you are physically able to do so and this will not cause you pain. Take responsibility for your own wellbeing.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, and hold one arm out to the side at shoulder height. Ask your friend to test your resistance while pushing moderately with two fingers on your wrist. Resist the pressure your friend pushes on your wrist. Try not to let your arm fall. You are only resisting, not arm wrestling. This is your baseline test.

Tell your friend your name and have your resistance tested by your friend again.

Then tell you friend a fake name and have your friend test your resistance again.

You should be strong saying your name and weak saying a fake name.

Now say yes, and test your resistance. Then say no and test your resistance.

You should be strong for yes and weak for no.

Now say I am at the energetic resonance of courage or above, and test your resistance.

You will be strong for yes and weak for no.

To be able to accurately muscle test yourself you need to be at the energetic resonance of courage or above.

To muscle test yourself you can pinch your middle finger and thumb of one hand, and link between the middle finger and thumb of the other and pull while pinching. Again, yes will be strong and no will be weak, often breaking your fingers.

I suggest looking up the rice or water experiment that Dr. Masaru Emoto had done several years ago, this can be found on YouTube. Hundreds of people have conducted their own rice experiments and these results are online as well.

Einstein and Thomas Edison had both said that our brains are similar to transmitters and we project frequencies and receive the same frequencies.

If we believe we are worthy of great things we transmit that frequency.

If we don't believe we are worthy of anything good we transmit that frequency as well.

It is important to raise our frequency, increase our sense of self-worth and educate ourselves on how to be protected against bullies.

There will always be bullies. But the stronger we can build our self-worth and our resolve against transmitting the 'target' frequency, the less likely it will be that bullies will find us an easy target.

I hope this has opened your eyes to just how important it is to take care of each other.

I believe we create strength through kindness.

Jillian Schleger

Find more at www.jillianschleger.com

Jillian is an Energetic Alignment Coach, Author and Healer living in Canada. Her latest Coaching Program is the Spiritual Leading Ladies which is a 3 month Program. Contact Jillian at jillianschleger@gmail.com for more information

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