Dieting and Disordered Eating


Dieting and Disordered Eating

Dieting and Disordered Eating:

Is food a constant struggle?

We are heavily schooled in the diet culture these days. Constantly thinking about food, wondering what we are going to eat next, calculating the calories and being afraid of not going overboard. This leaves you perpetually underfed and anxious and irritable at times. So, the fact is dieting becomes a number one RISK factor or onset for developing Eating Disorder.

What happens next?

When we Diet, we often ignore our hunger for short duration of time but this deprivation eventually leads to powerful food cravings and to compensate this act leads to bingeing behaviour.

Talking about Binge Eating disorder!

Binge eating is the most common of all eating disorder. It can affect anybody, regardless of age and gender. It is a psychological illness in which a person frequently eat excessive amount of food,often when NOT hungry.

Binge eating is NOT similar as overeating because it is more serious and recurrent.

warning Signs:

1. Very sensitive towards appearance and weight.

2. Lack of self control regarding eating behaviour.

3. Eating in normal quantities in social setting and bingeing alone.

4. Having low self-esteem and confidence about one’s appearance.

5. Eating when not physically hungry.

6. Impulsive eating in which a person consume many. thousand calories even if a person is uncomfortably full.

7. Feeling upset and anxious or even distressed after bingeing.

8. Avoiding any social gathering those involving food.

9. Depression 

10. Self harm.

Physical Signs:

1. Weight gain, lethargy , fatigue.

2. High cholesterol

3. Type 2 diabetes

4. Sleep apnoea

5. High blood pressure

6. Kidney diseases

7. Gallbladder disease

Note: Health comes in all sizes and with right support and treatment a person can learn how to get their bodies functioning right and full capacity.

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