Dress for different body shape


Dress for different body shape

Dress for different body shape:

Beauty comes in all shape and size. Here are some tips by using them you can change your body as you need to impress all.

  1. You know workout for your body shape is not easy task. To look like magazine women you may try these tips. Just cost of having a desired body look is only selection of cloths.

 If you are tall:

   1. If you are tall do not wear single color dress. It is better to wear two color combinations. It will balance your height.
   2. Use horizontal line cloths which will balance your height.
   3. If you are slim trim then avoid tight fitted cloths. Use those cloths which give volume to your body.
   4. Layered outfit is perfect for you.
   5. If you have chubby face wear long ear ring.

If you have short height:  

   1. Try flared jeans.
   2. Always wear dress or shorts, supper long or supper short.
   3. If not possible to wear high heels daily or wants to wear flats, try pointed flats.
   4. High waist bottom gives you tall look. Use to wear high waist pants or skirt with cropped top.
   5. Vertical striped cloths are very useful & popular for giving you long look.
   6. Always high dance your hair like ponytail or high hair style give you long look.
   7. Do not use oversized bags and accessories.
   8. Use V shape necklace.
   9. Wear nude color shoe which should be matched with your skin tone.

If you want slimmer look:

Slim,Body Shape   1. Wear single color dress.
   2. Black color bottom and top gives you slim look.
   3. Pointed toe with skinny color heels gives you slim look.
   4. Tuck one side of your shirt or top in your pant. It gives you flat tummy look and you also feel it.
   5. Which part of your body is heavy wear dark color on that part and to balance that use light color combination. If hips are heavy then use dark bottom and if breast are heavy wear dark color of top.
   6. Do not wear horizontal striped cloths, it gives you wide look.
   7. Use heels, it gives you long look as well as slim look.
   8. Neither wears very loose cloths nor very tight cloths.

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