Drinks to Avoid When you Have Cough and Cold


Drinks to Avoid When you Have Cough and Cold

Drinks to Avoid When you Have Cough and Cold:

When we get sick with the common cold, we think first about what medicine for a cough and cold will make us heal faster. Yet, a lot of us seem to forget that what we do with our diet also play a huge role in speeding up the process.

The cold is a sickness that can be caused by up to 200 viruses. The respiratory system of its victims gets affected, making them suffer from mucus build-up and other symptoms. One of the most common symptoms is a cough. A cough is a bodily act done by many sick people to release foreign particles making us sick, such as mucus and the virus itself. Therefore, they always go hand in hand because of these reasons.

Since there is no real cure for the cold, the medicine we take only helps lessen the symptoms until the cold virus goes out on its own. Thus, we have to make sure we don’t consume drinks that can aggravate our symptoms . These are the drinks you should avoid, while taking medicine for a cough and cold:

Store- bought Fruit Juices

When you buy juices served in bottles or cartons, the added sugar can reduce your immune system up to 5 hours. Your white blood cells get reduced by the breakdown of simple sugars. The less white blood cells your body has, the more prone your body is to bacterial and viral infections. You need your immune system to be as strong as possible to fight a cough and cold you are feeling. It is best to just stick to eating the fruit itself.


Alcoholic beverages

When you have a cold, you need to be as hydrated as possible because the sickness makes your body more prone to dehydration. Water comes out through fever, sweating, and runny nose. Your nose sinuses also suffer from mucus congestion.

Fluids bring back the water you lost and lessen the mucus buildup in your body through lubrication. The last thing you want to do is consume drinks that will make you dehydrated. Therefore, you should avoid alcoholic drinks while you are recovering. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it can make you pee more than normal. The hormone responsible for preventing diuretic activity doesn’t get produced thanks to the alcohol, thus the water you need inside gets released outside. You have to keep on drinking water to make up for the water lost.

When you have a cough, your throat is super dry already. Dehydration can make the dry feeling more uncomfortable than before. Besides, this drink possible dehydrating you, it can also weaken your immune system and make you sleep less. You need both to fight against a cold and a cough.


Caffeinated drinks

Coffee and tea with caffeine is a diuretic also just like alcohol. It will increase your chances of being dehydrated. Additionally, the caffeine disturbs your sleep. When you have a cough, your throat is already irritated due to inflammation. The acid in brewed coffee can make the inflammation worse.


Key Takeaway

There is no real cure for the cold and cough. In fact, the medicine we take can only help with alleviating symptopms until the virus competely goes out on its own. Therefore, we have to make sure that we do not consume these drinks because it can make the different symptoms we experience even worse.

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