Four Ways to Get Sexy Back


Four Ways to Get Sexy Back

Four Ways to Get Sexy Back:

Summer is coming and it’s time to trim down and bring out your sexy summer-body so you can enjoy the warm weather to its fullest. It's time to shed the winter pounds and give your-self a sexy summer look. Here are the Top 4 ways to get sexy this summer:


1. Water, Water, Water! Doctor's all across the world agree that people should be drinking anywhere from six to eight 8 oz glasses of water per day. It is one of the best ways to get rid of that bloated looking area around your stomach. In addition, it helps to keep your metabolism running at an optimal level which means that you are burning fat throughout the day.

Decrease your daily intake of both alcohol and coffee. Instead, replace these beverages with a refreshing glass of water. Drinking more water keeps your entire body well hydrated which is important and will help you to maintain tighter and firmer skin.


2. Eat Sexy Foods. There are some foods you can eat that will actually increase your metabolism and help with your efforts at giving you a sexy summer body. By simply adding some healthier options into your daily diet, you can begin to shed those extra pounds quickly and easily.

Increase the amount of fresh fruit you eat through your day, perhaps eating fruit for snacks or chopping up different fruits to make a fruit salad for dessert instead of cakes or sweets.

Try adding a small salad to your meals instead of fries. A simple salad of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and celery contains very few calories, yet the nutrients in these salad items can help to cleanse your entire system.

3. Detoxify to Be Sexy. Your body will store lots and lots of toxins in and near your bowel area over the course of the winter season. These toxins make you look and feel fatter and leave you sluggish and lethargic. Detoxify your body by cleansing it with an over the counter colon cleanser like Kou Tea.

You are probably not aware of the fact that during the winter when you eat unhealthy foods, traces of fecal plaque are left behind in the lining of your bowels. If you fail to detoxify your body, it is possible for you to have over 15 pounds of fecal plaque stored right in your body which equates to a fatter looking yours. Again, it also makes you more tired and irritable.

Kou Tea can get rid of these toxins easily, quickly, and painlessly. It is a gentle formula that can push out those bad toxins helping your bloated-ness subside. It will also give you more energy and a fresh feeling.

4. Exercise. You don't need to become a pro-athlete in order to give yourself a sexy summer body, but you should increase the amount of exercise you're doing. Try taking a simple walk around the block after work. It will help your mind to de-stress quickly and you're benefiting from getting those legs moving.

An easy exercise program that targets certain areas like the stomach or the thighs will help you to do more in less time. Or join 30 days waist training challenge, but it workout program is designed to reducing your belly fat. You will move faster toward the sexy summer look that you so desire.

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