Getting your baby to start the journey of food Discovery


Getting your baby to start the journey of food Discovery

Getting your baby to start the journey of food Discovery:

weaning: It Ain't Easy.

Stopping breastfeeding does not make motherhood easier, neither early weaning forces your child to grow up faster. Early weaning is challenging as the baby demand a lot of attention from you. Mothers generally complain of restlessness or being tired. At this point of time Breastfeeding becomes a real work saver, you can count on it as a sure thing of getting the baby down to sleep or making him quite.

Weaning is a critical period when there is a transition to solid food introduction to an infant-whether it is formula milk from a bottle or mashed banana from a spoon. 

It is important to always offer your little one those food that are appropriate for the age of yor baby. Remember that during the first few months, solid food do NOT provide for baby nutritionally, breast milk fill this role. Usually your baby is ready to start only after 6 months. Do not rush on things!! begin the weaning adventure after the completion of 6 months when your baby is ready, so that he dosen't miss any important nutrition needed for full development during the 1st six months through breastfeeding.

Sowhat food should we offer to our babies at this stage?

Go Slowly

In the first stage of solid introduction one vegetable puree should be given to the infant after the completion of six months to eight months. Vegetable consumed in optimal amounts prevents obesity in children in later stages as vegetables are low in energy density. It is seen that when vegetables are introduced as the first food there are positive changes for the acceptance of new food.

Taste Explosion

The first solid food should NOT be comprised of many ingredients. This is the time when baby try out new texture, taste for the first time. Moreover, this might also lead to a burden in children's digestive system. Mothers would also be less aware of children's allergy to a particular product if there are too many ingrediants in a feeding bowl for your baby.

Starting on Solids with 4 Amazing Foods

1) Carrots: Carrots are readily accepted and appealing to infants beacuse of their yellow orange color and also they are less calorie dence as compared to other veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower. Carrots are good source of beta-carotene (vitamin A). Carrots are rich in nutrients and less in carbohydrates which would provide your little one with total energy needs, leading to less frequent consumption of meal thereby maintaing a proper weight.  


2) Banana Nutrition: Banana are the great choice for your baby's first exposure to solid foods. They are sweet, tasty and so much easy to prepare. Banana are filled with vitamins and nutrients. Its high potassium content help the child to develop muscles and increase blood flow. Banana are also low in cholestrol and trans fat. Bananas are rich in fiber content and comprise of 75%of water making it fairly low energy dense food. Feeding this amazing fruit wont be a prblem as the little one loves its natural sweetness.


3) Introducing Pumpkin: Pumpkins are jam-packed with various nutrional compounds. they are loaded with Vitamin A, good source of potassium, iron and proteins. Pumpkins can be backed and pureed for your baby. Backing is the best option for retaining its nutritional values and flavours. They are wonderfully low in fat and calories.


4)Starting sweet potato: This humble vegetable have abundance of nutrients and highest concentration of vitamin A. They are low in fat content and a great source of minerals which is why mums are kneen in introducing sweet potato in the diet for their little ones to attain healthy developmental milestone.

Thus, for a healthy diet your little one should eat wide variety of foods to get right amount of nutrients, right support to grow and right eating habits when your child grow. We like to think of food as rainbow which means eating all colors of rainbow in a day such as the yellows, the reds, greens, purple of all fruit and vegetables for healthy and stroger development.

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