Go Green with Green Diapers on this Earth Day


Go Green with Green Diapers on this Earth Day

Go Green with Green Diapers on this Earth Day:

Earth day will be celebrated worldwide on 22nd April 2019. It is celebrated in 193 countries. The objective is to support for environmental protection. There are many eco friendly activities being performed on this day to create awareness among people. There are many Go Green activities which are on-going and being followed by the people round the globe. Eg:1) Reduce water usage ,2)Adopt Reusable bags practices,3) Recycle,4)Save energy,5) Power down,etc. But what is the most important point which is missed/overlooked? The answer is baby diapers. Baby health is of great concern for parents. 99% of the parents uses disposable diapers like Pampers,Huggies, Mamy poko,etc. Disposable diapers can be used only once and then they are thrown and end-up in landfills. These diapers are not even skin friendly and results in rashes on baby's skin. It is very painful for babies as well as for parents. So what is the solution ? The solution is to switch to modern cloth diapers.Cloth diapers are staydry, leakproof and can be even used overnight. They can be washed and reused multiple times and are skin friendly. Few years back,one new mommy was worried  as her baby developed rashes due to usage of disposable diapers. She was looking for a permanent solution. Then one fine day, a friend from states suggested her to switch to cloth diapers. She followed her friends advice and switched to cloth diapers. Her baby was more happy, comfortable and rashes were gone. This happy mom thought of spreading this to other mommies on this Earth. She was none other than, Mrs Jaya Srimurugan,an IIT and IIM alumni. Great ideas are born in great minds.. She was climbing the ladder of success and completed ten years in the corporate world. But she gave it up to spread awareness about cloth diapering by starting Tushions. She promoted all the existing cloth diaper brands from US,China and other countries. But her objective was to reach out to each and every mother on this planet. She wanted every kid to get benefit from cloth diapers. In the year 2017, she started her own brand of cloth diapers and named it Green Diapers. These diapers are baby skin safe,reusable and affordable and suitable for babies from 3 months to 3 years of age. Moreover, they even have a whatsApp/Call Helpline for all parents planning to switch to cloth diapers.This helpline is available in several languages like Hindi,English,Tamil,Telegu,Kannada and Malayalam. So. If you want to switch to cloth  diapers, WhatsApp or call them on +919035903180. The green diapers can be ordered online from Amazon,Flipkart or www.tushions.com. 

Advantages of cloth diapers are: 

1) Baby skin safe: Cloth diapers are more comfortable for babies soft skin. The plastic disposable diapers leads to rashes on baby skin. It may cause other skin problems if delayed in changing. 

2) Easy Maintenance: Cloth diapers can be washed by hand or machine and can be reused. While disposable diapers needs to be disposed after it is soiled. 

3) Cost effective: The cost of a disposable diapers is Rs 10 each. If we use 4000 diapers till potty training it would cost RS 40,000. But if we use cotton diapers,which is in between range Rs 500-700 each depending on the material we choose. The cost would come up to 6000-10000 k till potty training. 

4) Environmental friendly: The disposable diapers takes 500 years to decompose and would be lying on the landfill. Whereas, only 10-15 cloth diapers are required till potty training. They are reusable, eco-friendly and easily washable. 

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5) Only Soft cloth material: The cloth diapers are made up of cloth which is soft on baby skin whereas, material of disposable diapers mae cause discomfort to babies.

6)Happy Baby and Relaxed Mommy:The cloth diaper are more comfortable and does not cause any rash. This keeps baby happy and mommy relaxed. 

Switch to Cloth Diapers !  Go Green with Green Diapers on this Earth day!  

   Save the Mother Earth!

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