Good snooze - 5 ways to help your child sleep better


Good snooze - 5 ways to help your child sleep better

Good snooze - 5 ways to help your child sleep better:

Cognitive development focuses on a child's growth in terms of information processing , perceptual skill, language and other aspects of brain development. Sleepiness during the day show relatively low cognitive development. As sleep deprivation accumulates year-on year, it negatively impact cognitive abilities. 

Help your child sleep better :

1. Give a glass of warm milk: warm milk helps a child sleep better. What works better is giving it half hour before bed time. You can always too it with his/her favorite flavour.  

2. Set a time-table: this is very important if you want your child to sleep better. You should always stick to his going to bed early routine-make no exceptions. 

3. Cut off all distractions: do this an hour before he sleeps-this includes no mobile phones,  video games or TV.  It will help u sleep better too.  

4. Use the bed only for sleep: what we do wrong is that we use bed for many other things too.  Bed is only to sleep and not for other activities such as studying,  playing board games,  eating and so on. 
5. Help him doze off: if he has a separate room and complain of being afraid of the dark, what you can do is lie by his side for a bit till he doses off. Always keep the night lamp on.

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