Green Tea - beyond the cup


Green Tea - beyond the cup

Green Tea - beyond the cup:

Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. 

It's good for fat loss too.  I always loved drinking tea but I never knew it can do wonders to your skin and hair until. I came across an article long back.  I followed it religiously and loved the results so if you haven't taken to this health cuppa,  this may change your mind and it's not just about drinking it.  

Here is something unusual to try - the results will surely bring in the compliments. 

Easy & Effective fixes :


  • Do away with spots

Most of us suffer from acne at some point in life and the marks refuse to fade away. Here's what to do : brew a couple of green tea bags in hot water,  remove the bags and once water is cool,  store it in a container. After washing your face (morning & night), splash this water and allow it to dry naturally.  Follow through with your skincare regime.  Do this regularly to lighten acne marks & or even the fresh breakouts.  For best results,  follow up with a homemade green tea moisturiser.


  • Green tea moisturiser 

Take 25ml each of coconut oil,  almond oil,  and any essential oil (lavender or rose),  plus half cup of green tea leaves. In a blender,  crush together the oils and the leaves till you get a creamy paste.  Use this as a moisturiser.  It hydrates and fixes skin ailments.  Keep good for at least up to 2 weeks.  


  • Tame your mane now

Stress & exposure to pollution and harsh chemicals make your hair brittle,  dull & frizzy. Here's what to do: brew a few green tea bags in a litre of water and let it cool.  After you shampoo & condition,  do as a last rinse with this water - don't wash it out.  It is a great stimulant for hair follicles,  it will promote growth and nourish your hair.  For added benefit,  try a homemade green tea hair mask.  


  • Green tea hair mask

Beat together an egg,  green tea leaves and curd.  Apply this mask on your hair,  from root to tip.  Keep it on for half an hour and wash off with warm water.  Doing this regularly will give you a shiny and healthier mane.  


  • Be fresh-eyed

Tired,  puffy eyes and face?  Here's what to do.  Once you are done brewing your green tea,  don't garbage the bags,  instead refrigerate them.  Once a day,  put cold tea bags on your lids and face,  leave them for 15mins.  The antioxidants in green tea leaves helps brighten up the eyes and revive the skin.

 However, i recommend you consult your dermatologist before using green tea for your skin or hair.



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