Homemade remedies for constipation in pregnancy


Homemade remedies for constipation in pregnancy

Homemade remedies for constipation in pregnancy:

Home remedies for constipation in pregnancy.

During pregnancy there are many symptoms which a woman goes through like nausea, fatigue ness, tiredness etc. and one of them is constipation.

Constipation could be from many reasons like less intake of food in first trimester, not consuming proper amount of water which leads to dehydration. Iron supplements, especially in high doses can make constipation worse.
If not taken care it can lead to many serious health issues.
So here are some remedies to treat constipation in pregnancy:

Plenty of water - Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water. It is very important to drink adequate amount of water when expecting. Drinking water controls body temperature which helps in digestion.

Avoid caffeinated drinks - Tea, coffee and other carbonated drinks should be avoided as they cause dehydration that leads to constipation. Have warm water right after waking up in the morning or prune juice will also help.

Fiber intake - Include green vegetables, fresh fruits, lentils, brown rice, beans etc. in your daily diet as the body requires fiber content to regulate the bowel movement.

Body movements - Some light exercises like walking helps in avoiding constipation by regulating digestion process. No need to do harsh exercises. A simple walk, easy workouts meant for expected ladies or a simple yoga can be done.

Yogurt - Yogurt is the rich source of probiotics which aids in bowel movements so include yogurt in your daily diet to avoid constipation.

Citrus fruits - Have lemon juice or slices of oranges as they are the rich source of vitamin - c which act as the cleansing agents and help in easy flow of bowels.

Massage - A gentle massage around the abdominal area gives relief in constipation .

All these remedies are safe and effective in resolving constipation during pregnancy. However if it still persists, then its time to seek medical aid.



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