How Parents Can Help Take Their Kids


How Parents Can Help Take Their Kids

How Parents Can Help Take Their Kids:

Mom and dad have to keep on top of their children's studies. When a child is reading short stories and doing basic math, parents are often able to help their kids master these basic skills. Yet, the time when school work is easy is short-lived.

Kids start learning advanced mathematics that mom and dad might have forgotten, or maybe your child is learning a second language that you don't know.

You can try and learn the material to help your child, but when high school starts, it's time to take your child's studies to the next level. When you provide a foundation for learning, it's easier for your kids to learn material, remember material and get good grades. Scholarships rely on a strong academic performance.

Enroll Your Kids and Yourself in Learning How to Learn

Learning How to Learn is a free course, and it's designed on powerful mental tools that help kids, adults and everyone in between learn how to learn. I took this very class as an adult, and it helped improve my learning skills significantly.

Videos, bonus materials and exercises for the class are a mere nine hours or so in length.

The course is offered in several languages, and it's presented by the University of California. But just because it's a university course doesn't mean your child needs to be older to take the course. You and your child can take the course together to better understand:

  • Different learning techniques
  • Different modes of learning
  • How to leverage learning modes
  • Chunking techniques

Everyone can benefit from Learning How to Learn and take their studies to the next level as a result.

Enroll in Higher Level Classes

CollegeBoard recommends that students experience a different approach to learning. Students that have sufficient grades should enroll in college-level courses or honors classes to experience a difficult learning environment.

What are the main differences?

  • The speed of honor classes is much faster, allowing for more material to be covered faster. This is very similar to what's experienced in college classes.
  • College classes have a lot less hand-holding, allowing the student to realize how much work and effort is involved in higher-education.

High school students may also find college classes available at their school or at a local college campus that offers college credits, too.

Hire Tutors to Help

Tutors can help a child master the skills that they're struggling with. Some teachers don't meld well with a child's learning habits or abilities. Tutors help fill in these learning gaps, allowing the child to learn from someone else who thoroughly understands the material that the student is covering.

You can also find tutors online that offer their help to students.

Don't feel bad hiring multiple tutors until you find one that clicks with your children and the way that they learn. When all else fails, asking a teacher for recommendations can also help. It may simply be that your child needs to put more focus on learning, and this might mean sacrificing time with friends to bring grades to the next level.

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