How to Overcome Underweight in Child with best Healthy Weight Gain Food


How to Overcome Underweight in Child with best Healthy Weight Gain Food

How to Overcome Underweight in Child with best Healthy Weight Gain Food:


A thin or malnourished child is always worrisome for parents. No matter how much you feed the little one properly they won't gain weight. Allowing them to indulge in the junk food fantasies is not an option for healthy weight gain. Here are some best option for healthy weight gain foods for kids


1. Ghee

Ghee is always the best option to put on healthy weight especially in babies. It is loaded with all natural goodness and healthy fat. Make sure you offer ghee in moderation to your little one, add spoon full of ghee to her rice bowl, dal or chapathi.


2. Nut Butter

If your little one is not a big fan of regular ghee or butter, you can substitute them with yummy nut butter like peanut butter, almond butter etc. Nut butter works great for kids who are lactose intolerant, you can roll up a few chapathi's with peanut butter, they will finish everything in a jiffy. Nut butter is the healthiest way to promote weight gain in kids.


3. Full-Fat Milk and Cream

Milk is naturally a good source of natural protein and carbohydrates, a single glass of full-fat milk is loaded with all important nutrients and best food to increase the weight gain in babies. You can offer milkshakes, smoothies to the little one. Apart from that give cream made with whole milk, you can add a spoon full of cream to their sandwiches, fruit salad, and cereals.


4. Eggs

The egg is another wonderful source of proteins and can be included in kid's everyday meal. In addition to it, eggs are super food which is loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin B 12. These are vital for healthy growth and development in kids. Include eggs in the kid's diet regularly as it will eliminate the need of additional vitamin supplement. A boiled egg is the best way to get the full nutrient of egg, in addition to it, you can prepare omelettes, sandwiches, and rolls with eggs.


5. Bananas

 Bananas are the best vegetarian option to promote healthy weight gain in kids. It is loaded with energy and good calories. A single regular banana can provide all the much needed essential carbohydrates to the kids. In addition to it, the banana is a versatile fruit and can be easily mixed with milkshakes, puddings, custards etc. Your kid will enjoy eating banana in all the forms due to its sweet taste.

6. Avocadoes

Avocadoes are a super pick when it comes to top food loaded with right fats, in addition to it the avocados contain many nutrients which makes them the first choice to boost kid’s weight. Offer avocado paratha, dips, spreads and milkshakes to kids

7. Potatoes

If you want to increase the weight of your kids, it is must to have at least 40 % carbohydrates intake everyday .Potatoes are the delicious option as it is loaded with arginine and glutamine and natural carbohydrates.




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