Its my home not a museum!


Its my home not a museum!

Its my home not a museum!:

The merry tune of jingle bells ran through the rooms and brought a pretty smile on my toddler's lips. It filled my heart with warmth and I smiled back at him as I went to answer the doorbell. My smile broadened as I saw Mrs Smith at my door and my baby ran towards the door on hearing her voice. But as expected, her disappointment was written all over her face when she peeped into my living room. This is the umpteenth time this was happening. She was very fond of my son but she disapproved the way my home was always a mess. She had told me so on several occasions before but I always smile at her and leave it there.

Not only Mrs Smith, I have encountered this with elder ladies of my family. Everyone wants a picture perfect house. Everything spic and span clean, neat and at its allotted place but how do you achieve this when you  have a 2 year old running around your house trying to pull at everything and anything that's within his reach. 

Though the idea of putting the blame of my messy home on my kid is very bright but I would also like to accept that I don't bother going around the rooms picking up stuff all day long (as I am many a times expected to). Being a working mother, I have very limited time to spend with my kid. I, of course, do not want to spend it on cleaning and dusting. Instead I prefer to play with him, teach him, make him learn new things, in short, spend quality time with him. I can leave the cleaning job for the maid who would be here next morning. 

Who doesn't want a tidy house? Even I do. It's just that I am not a believer of doing it like it's my life. I hire domestic help, pay them generously and get things done. Also take stock of things and supervise the cleaning every weekend but not everyday. I let things be. I know many ladies who spend most of their waking hours labouring hard to make their home cleaner but I believe that it's a hard thing to achieve. There will always be some dust, some laundry to be folded, some dirty utensils to be washed, some toys to be picked up from under the table, some books scattered around, etc, etc. What are we going to achieve from all this fussing around? Instead why not let your guards down once in a while and relax back. Cook your kid's favourite dish not like a routine but putting your heart into it, go out shopping with the kids, plan out a movie or sometime just do nothing but sit at the window sill with your baby and enjoy the rains. Make memories that both of you shall relish years after. Who would remember how the place looked like, the only thing that you will remember what good times you had there. Play smart and teach your child to pick up their toys after they are done with it. I make my son do this everyday. Works for me and he learns to clean his own mess. 

Huh! remembering the look on Mrs Smith's face, long after she was gone, I was having the above random thoughts about my messy home. But instead of putting any effort in cleaning the room, I was busy assisting my kid in making buildings with multicolored blocks. I frowned when the doorbell rang again not knowing whom to expect this time. Bracing myself to deal with more 'looks', I went to open the door, murmuring to myself "I don't give a damn who thinks what. It's my home not a museum!"

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