Johnson's Baby Bath Milk and Rice Review


Johnson's Baby Bath Milk and Rice Review

Johnson's Baby Bath Milk and Rice Review:


The Johnson's baby has come up with an amazing baby bathing product. The Baby Bath Milk +Rice is an excellent option as compared to the original top to toe wash. The ingredients are unique and take you down to the memory lane.

My little one loves bath time, we have made it a routine to make her bath before sleep time. Every night she religiously brushes her teeth and takes a relaxing bath. It helps her to have a deep and peaceful sleep. I have recently started using Johnson's Baby Bath Milk and Rice and love the mild fragrance to the core.

Johnson's Baby Bath Milk and Rice Review

Packing: The milk +rice bath comes in a traditional looking bottle with a seal cap. The packaging is neat and has almost all the details about the ingredients used in it. I loved the peaceful white and blue combination of it.

What I liked the Most about Johnson's Baby Bath Milk and Rice

1. The mild fragrance which is very pleasing.

2. The white baby wash is perfect for super soft baby skin. It moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

3. The presence of SLS doesn't irritate the skin or eyes hence is totally safe to use from top to toe.

4. The rich formula of milk and rice makes it the best bath time product for babies.

5. The 500 ml bottle of Johnson's Baby Bath Milk and Rice comes with a handy dispenser which makes the usage super easy,

6. The body wash is not so greasy and feels silky on the skin.

7. The product can be used as a shampoo and body wash both.

What I didn't like about the Johnsons Baby Bath Milk and Rice

The Johnson's Baby Bath Milk and Rice claim to make use of SLS i.e. sodium lauryl sulfate in it. It is a cleaning agent which can be commonly found in selected detergents, I didn't like the fact that a big brand like Johnsons and Johnsons has used it in their baby products.

The SLS cannot directly harm the delicate baby skin but when combines with other components can lead to skin and eye irritation.

 I didn't experience any skin or eye irritation after using Johnson's Baby Bath Milk and Rice but it is better to avoid for infants and new-born babies. Due to the presence of SLS, the skin feel well-nourished but after sometimes it dries out. The amount of SLS is very low but I would prefer SLS and paraben free option for my child any day.

My Verdict

It would be really nice if the Johnson’s and Johnson’s team could replace the SLS will some better option to clean the baby. Apart from that, I loved everything about the Milk and Rice body wash for baby. The mild fragrance is lovely and pleasing. The baby keeps smelling good for hours. 

The milk and rice is a nice combination to clean the babies, I liked the product overall but I am not okay with repeating the purchase only due to the presence of SLS in it.




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