Life isn't perfect but your hair can be -monsoon hair care tips!


Life isn't perfect but your hair can be -monsoon hair care tips!

Life isn't perfect but your hair can be -monsoon hair care tips!:

Monsoon is known to bring alive the greens & drive away the blues but it is also known to cause hair damage with its excessive humidity. I have few important tips to follow this season to protect your hair from rainy weather.


  1.  Keep your hair DRY : most of us like to get drenched in rain but that shouldn't mean that you keep your hair wet for long as it may leave your hair frizzy & damaged. Wipe your hair dry as soon as possible.
  2. Oilinggive your hair a good oil massage or as we all like to call it CHAMPI, it will give a nourishment boost to your hair but do not keep it obernight. Only an hour or two before hair wash. 
  3. Shampooit is important to cleanse your hair & scalp thoroughly. Always dilute the shampoo with some water. We tend to use too much of shampoo with the notion of getting a clean scalp, but we forget that the chemicals in the shampoo are ripping off the natural oils on the scalp so diluting reduces the harshness of shampoo & is totally recommended.
  4. Conditionconditioning is the most essential diet for the hair to fight against the humid weather. Some people avoid using conditioner because they have greasy hair so use a clarifying mild shampoo and only use conditioner in the ends of hair.  Always use conditioner no matter what the weather is. 
  5. Dry your hair the right waythis is very important. Always use the soft towel to dry your hair.  Firstly just squeeze wet hair gently with your hand but don't twist or rub your hair with towel because this will cause frizziness & also it will split the hair.  After squeezing out the water you can just fold them in a towel.  Just bend your head & make sure all of your hair is hanging in the same direction then bring the aides of the towel together at your forehead & twist the towel gently but not too hard then flip the towel black.  Keep it for 15-20 mins as the towel will absorb the moisture.  
  6. Use hair serum : the liquid does transform your hair from dull & rough to shiny & manageable in a matter of seconds!  Serum should be spread evenly through your hair.  Do not apply to the roots.  Hair serum is silicon based & coats the surface of your hair.  It also protects the hair from external factor like dust,  heat & HUMIDITY.  It's a must to apply hair serum in monsoon
  7. Combing the hair right waydo it daily.  Comb your hair from tip to root.  First de-tangle the tip then de-tangle from root.  But only when necessary or it will leave oil from scalp.  Also never brush your hair when it is wet as this can cause breakage. Instead use wide toothed comb to de-tangle if you have thick hair.  But if your have thin hair then gently brush through your hair with your fingers.  Comb or brush when your hair is 50% dry.  
  8. Eat right: if you want your hair to be healthy then you should eat healthy.  It's important to maintain balanced diet.  Eating right shows on your hair,  skin & body.  You must drink atleast 8-13 glasses of water in a day.  Specially in monsoon season when it is so humid.  If you are craving for a snack then go straight for the fruits or nuts.  Eat food which is rich in proteins,  least veggies,  raw salads & fresh fruits.  
  9. Adequate sleepdo get your 8 hours of sleep and this is not just for monsoon season but for every season.  If you will sleep enough it will not only show on your hair but on your skin too.  
  10. Use a hair paste : make a smooth paste with Alla & lemon juice and apply on your scalp to keep your hair frizz-free. 

If you treat it well,  your hair will stay strong,  beautiful & vibrant.  Pamper yourself but don't forget to pamper your hair too in every season. 

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