Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review


Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review

Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser Review:


All the product from Mamaearth claims to be toxin free and is made from the safe ingredients. The Mamaearth clean cuties skin cleanser from has been into the market for quite some time now. The product is a brilliantly designed, it deeply cleanses the soft skin of the baby skin without being harsh.


Why Mamaearth clean cuties skin cleanser 

Mamaearth clean cuties skin cleanser is perfect to remove the annoying marks of sketch pens, ball pen, markers, kajal, permanent market from the delicate baby skin in just minutes. As a mommy, I know it is super difficult to remove the stubborn marks of a ballpoint pen and sketch pens. Unfortunately, if the kid has scribbled on the body using a permanent marker, the cleaning is going to be forever.

This gets very difficult when the kids decide to draw using sketch pens and pens, it is practically impossible to remove these tough stains on a single go. I was using coconut oil earlier to remove the stains but it was too sticky and I had to wash my little one due to excess oil. But with the help of Mamaearth clean cuties skin cleanse all the tough stains can be removed in just a few minutes easily. You need to rub the cleaner just once or twice and you are done.


My View

With the help of Mamaearth clean cuties skin cleanser, you can do the cleaning in just 1 -2 wipes. It is simple and quick. The texture of the skin cleaner is watery and has a mild citrus smell. The best part is, apart from deep cleaning, it also moisturized and well hydrates the super soft baby skin. There is no residue or dryness in the skin after cleaning. Moreover, the skin is velvety soft and there is zero stickiness.

How To Use Mamaearth clean cuties skin cleanser

I sprayed the cleanser on sterilizing cotton and used it to gently wipe the marks on my baby's skin. It is extremely easy to use and safe on baby's skin. The cleaner contains antibacterial properties, the skin feels fresh and clean in no time.


The Mamaearth clean cuties skin cleanser makes use of Lavender water, Chamomile water, Orange oil and Glycerine, as major ingredients, it helps to remove the annoying stains and marks on the skin.


The Mamaearth clean cuties skin cleanser uses their signature pattern, that is a white colour bottle and green colour cap. You can notice the cartoon prints and it comes with a sprayer nozzle for easy use. The packaging is sturdy and perfect for travel as well. The sprayer sprays a little quantity of product and 2-3 spray is sufficient for kids.

The pack of Mamaearth clean cuties skin cleanser is available for INR 199, you get 100 ml and it is available online on all the leading e-commerce sites.

I feel I you have an active kid who loves to colour and paint, Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cleanser is a saviour. Otherwise, it takes a lot of efforts to remove the marks without affecting baby's skin. I would highly recommend this product because of the super ingredients.


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