Mother Sparsh Wipes – Review


Mother Sparsh Wipes – Review

Mother Sparsh Wipes – Review:

When you are a new mommy, you want the best for your baby. We take utmost care while selecting the doctors, clothes and even baby essentials. As soon as the baby arrives, people start bombarding you with all their opinions and trustable products.

When it comes to babies’ hygienic products wet wipes are the best. They are perfect for all climatic condition and are also helpful when you have to travel with the little one. The market has plenty of wet wipes option but unfortunately, they are loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Some wipes can lead to rashes and skin allergies.

I recently got to know about Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes, it is the only wipe available in the market which is made from 98 % of water. There is no harmful preservative or chemicals. The best part is, it is totally safe for delicate new born babies too.

Why Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes?

I have been using the Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes for a while as here is my detailed review

1. Material

The wet wipes from Mother Sparsh are thick and extremely soft on skin. There is no feel of thick lotion or any chemical substances, it is as soft as a muslin cloth. Moreover, the is no artificial fragrance too.  The pack claims to be free from polyester and is made with 100 % plant-based fabric. This is the reason, it is extremely gentle on even new born skin.

2. Ingredient

Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes are made with 98 % water and have super ingredients like Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Jojoba Oil which keeps the skin soft and well moisturized. There is zero presence of harmful chemicals like Alcohol and Parabens.

3. Dermatologically Tested

This is the best thing I liked about Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes, these wipes are both clinically and dermatologically tested.  It is totally safe on baby's skin and prevents redness, rashes. The water content present in the wet wipes helps to manage the pH level of babies’ skin.

4. Cost Effective

The pack of 80 wipes is available only for INR 138, it doesn't pinch your pocket and can be easily ordered via Amazon or other leading online shopping websites. Since it is extremely affordable, I use the wipes to wipe off my makeup, I can feel the softness after every use.

5. Biodegradable

Since the wipes are made with 98 % water and plant-based fabric, they don't harm the environment and are 100 % biodegradable.

6. Travel Friendly

The pack is light weighted and comes in a travel-friendly pack. You can remove the plastic sheet and can reuse and carry wipes everywhere.


I have been using the Mother Sparsh wipes for quite some time and totally love it, I would absolutely recommend it. The wipes contain zero fragrance and are made with 98 % water. A very handy product during travels and winters when you want to clean baby's hand, face and legs. The wipes are perfect for everyday use, perfect to clean new born babies.



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