Must Have Black And White Jewellery for Striking Contrast and Timeless Fashion


Must Have Black And White Jewellery for Striking Contrast and Timeless Fashion

Must Have Black And White Jewellery for Striking Contrast and Timeless Fashion:

Black and white colour combination are elegant, stunning yet effortless. This timeless combination has caught the attention of fashion designers and women in recent times. Black Jewellery and white jewellery create perfect harmony and suits every occasion be it business or social gathering. Black and white necklace, pendant or earrings are a brilliant spiral of elegance; their classy and refined styles are breath-taking. Black zirconia stones on sterling silver create a distinct statement with elegance. When dazzling white diamond meets with stylish black diamond, it creates stunning looks which have a universal appeal. But diamonds are expensive a minor version can be prepared by black and white pearls, sapphires, quartz, onyx, and topaz.

Versatile and exquisite

Black and white outfit is exquisite so is black and white jewellery. Men are also following this contemporary jewellery design for some time. The contrasting look in geometric design gives a power statement. Black diamond and black sapphire are coming up in modern jewellery. Cobalt chrome and black diamond men`s ring is an exquisite collection. Watches in black and white contrast are a fantastic choice to show this trend. Black and white is all time favourite and will remain so for time eternal.

Bead Jewellery

Bead jewellery dates back to Indus valley civilization and 5000 years old. Beads can be made from different materials; Pearls are the ultimate bead in human history. A black and white pearl necklace is classic, elegant and versatile. You can wear it for office use or social get-together. Calcium carbonate is the main component of pearl; the natural pearl is extremely rare, so it is expensive. A perfect pearl is a complete round and smooth. As the natural pearl is rare cultured pearl from pearl oyster and freshwater mussels are used for jewellery purpose. Black or Tahitian is extremely rare and comes from black lip oyster (Pinctada margaritifera). A black and white pearl necklace with earring setting is unique, elegant and startling.

Black and White Diamond-Dazzling Sparkling

Diamonds are the most valued of all gems from ancient times. The word “Diamond “comes from the Greek word “Adamas” which means undefeated; it also stands for an eternity of love. The hardest substance on earth yet its fiery sparkling, durability and rarity makes it the most appealing gemstone on earth. Diamonds are mostly colourless or with a tinge of colour, but collared one known as fancies are extremely rare and valuable Diamonds is like frozen dew drops with all its purity and glory. Diamonds are valued by its 4 Cs-Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight. Black diamonds which are used in jewellery are real diamonds treated with radiation to make them appear black. In normal light, it seems black, but actually, it is very dark green. Very dark green colour never appears in the natural diamond; it is a result of radiation treatment. Natural black diamond occurs due to numerous additions mostly of it is graphite. Natural black diamonds are opaque and fragile making them difficult to cut and polish. Black Star of Africa at 202 cts. and Black Orloff at 67.50cts are famous black diamonds. White and black jewellery is perfect contrast; black stands out against dazzling white giving a mesmerizing elegance.

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