My mistakes during breastfeeding journey.World Breastfeeding Week 2018


My mistakes during breastfeeding journey.World Breastfeeding Week 2018

My mistakes during breastfeeding journey.World Breastfeeding Week 2018:

Its been a decade now, that I am a mom of two school going children.When I read about breastfeeding, the first thing that comes to my mind is the immense joy, pride and satisfaction of breastfeeding both my kids, however like other moms I too had to go through some issues like sometimes I felt my child is not able to latch properly, not getting proper feed, doesn't want to continue my breast feed, body and backache due to sitting for long hours but overall I am satisfied that I have breast fed my children for at least 6 months( infact more than one year) According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), breastfeeding is recommended for first 6 months of the baby, exclusively. Ayurveda has also mentioned that  breast feeding is  the best method to bond and share love. A baby’s natural instinct toward its mother is through the smell of breast milk. During my breastfeeding journey, the smartphones and Internet had just started getting popular but, I was busy raising my kids. Whatever knowledge I gained were, from my elders or my friend moms. When I look back at my breastfeeding journey, I admit, I had done some mistakes but as you all know we learn from our mistakes so I thought to share it here with all the new moms so that they don 't face the same problems which I have to go through.


Position while breastfeeding: During breastfeeding, the position is the main thing you have to take care of. When I delivered my first baby, I didn 't have much knowledge about the breastfeeding position. Due to wrong posture my back pain issues got worse. I had to sit for long hours in night time continuously up to 2-3 hours. I felt exhausted and tired. I was not able to sit, stand, walk or do my household chores. But now after so many years, I have learnt, that right and comfortable position play a vital role in breastfeeding. While breastfeeding have baby sit upright, facing you . Give support to your back if needed. While placing baby on your laps, you can take support of pillows too. Nowadays there are nursing pillows available in markets. Use your arm and hand, plus pillows to support your baby's head, neck, back, and hips and keep them in a straight line. You can rest your feet on a stool in a more relaxed position.


Breast pumps: Yes! They are a boon for new moms nowadays. Like seriously, I was familiar with breast pumps these days, but was not much aware of its benefit. For at least 2 years I was bound in one place with my baby. I couldn't leave my child for 1/2 an hour, shopping, movies, function, trips were out of my imagination. Don't let this stop you from taking out some time for yourself or your important tasks. If you are suffering from nipple soreness, you will need to express your breast milk. Some other reasons may be, if you have to be away from your baby, either because your baby is  ill or premature, or because you’re going back to work, your breasts feel uncomfortably full or if your baby isn’t sucking well but you still want to give them breast milk. For this, breast pumps will always be at your rescue. They will not let you down in your absence. Breast pumps can either be manual or electric.  Always make sure that the container or pump is clean and has been sterilised before you use it.

Being scared of public: I was never comfortable breastfeeding my baby in public. I used to look for a lonely place here and there. Sometimes I even avoided going in public. But never thought about what is wrong with nursing my baby? Why should I let him wait or cry for his feed? Really, this was my biggest mistake. So my advice to all the new moms, don't worry too much about the judge folks who don't like moms who nurse in public. If it really bothers you, buy a cover. But don't assume that they and their judgemental crap are correct. No need to hesitate or feel shy. Your baby should be your priority. Be confident in that, and feed your baby when he/she is hungry.


Breastfeed too often: I always worried that I was not making enough milk, because my baby wanted to be fed so often but, this is not true. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, because breast milk is so easy to digest, most breastfed babies want it more often. Babies have really small tummies, so you should assume they are going to be hungry within two hours or less. 


Breastfeed from both sides: I was advised by my doctors and elders at home to switch breasts mid-feeding, allowing baby to start on one side and finish on the other.

Today, doctors know that each breastfeeding consists of two types of milk. Experts at the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology say the first to be expressed is the "fore milk," which quenches your baby's thirst while supplying sugar, proteins, minerals, and fluid. The second, more filling, and hardier release is "hind milk." This is the creamy, high-fat, super satisfying and most nutritious milk, and necessary for baby's growth and development.

So if you switch breasts mid-feeding, you risk giving your baby only fore milk and no hind milk. So it's vital that you continue to feed until your breast is fully drained, then turn to the other breast for the next feeding.


August 1 to 7 every year is observed as "World Breastfeeding Week" in over 120 countries. Let us support the nursing mothers, educate and encourage the people about the lifesaving benefits of breastfeeding.


Happy breastfeeding journey to all breastfeeding moms.

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