New Pampers Pant diapers Review


New Pampers Pant diapers Review

New Pampers Pant diapers Review:

Being a mother, it is always important to search for the best and safe baby products. Be it a diaper or a massage oil, I double check the ingredients so that my baby does not have any issues.

A diaper is a must especially during night times because my baby catches cold easily, moreover, the wetness can lead to disturbed sleep hence I was searching for a reliable diaper which is super absorbent and offers comfort as well.

I am using a diaper currently but not much happy with it as my little one is a heavy wetter and things get worst during the winters. I recently thought of giving a try to New Pampers baby dry pants. The winters are approaching and I don't want my little one to catch a cold or a have an uncomfortable sleep.


The pack follows the traditional pattern, the red and bluish green colours remains the same. The term "New " is written and there is a pictorial representation of 3X channel technology. This 3X channel technology of pampering pants makes is super-efficient and the extra absorbent channel prevents leakage. If your baby is heavy water, opt for the new pampers dry pant. The slight difference in the package can be confusing at times.

New Pampers Dry Pant Review

It’s been a week, I am using the new pampers dry pant for night time. I don't need to wake up my little one for a diaper change in the middle of the night. A perfect option to keep the baby dry and comfy throughout the night. There is no heaviness or sagging. Thankfully, there is no leakage as well. The diaper absorbs really well and keeps the baby fresh till morning.

I was worried a little about the comfort factor but pampers dry pant stood out really well. The best part is, I don't have to take care of the itchy cuffs, the pant style diapers make the job of wearing them super easy.

 If I want to remove it, I just tear the edges and the job the done. Another best part about using new pampers dry pants is zero diaper rashes. The super soft material keeps the baby's skin soft and well protected.

I change her diaper regularly while changing her diaper I felt it dry from inside. The 3X channels really work impressively and keep the baby dry throughout the night. The diaper is breathable and extremely gentle on delicate baby skin. The micropores present in it keeps the baby comfortable and away from wetness and sweat.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for an excellent diaper which can be worn throughout the night, new Pamper dry pant is the best choice.  The soft, thin and breathable fabric ensures the baby soft skin remains unaffected by the wetness and humidity.  The best choice for heavy wetter’s and kids between the age 2-4 years old. The price of new pamper dry pant is also affordable and won't pinch your pocket.





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