The voice of the unborn - A short one


The voice of the unborn - A short one

The voice of the unborn - A short one:

A sound of rushing feet and something came crashing down; however, she didn’t see anything. She promptly stood up to investigate. Suppressing the first wave of nervousness she walked into the wide hallway and abruptly the door to her immediate left slammed shut, as if fronting her forbiddingly. Steeling herself, she pushed open the door and surveyed the scene. The bedroom lay intact but for her family album which lay wide open on her study-table.

Her gaze locked on to the picture of her husband and son frolicking last summer.

“THIS could have been me too…” a whisper drifted past her ear.

 A faint bell started clanging, growing louder and more insistent by the second, jolting her awake!!!

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