Things that worried me about becoming a mother


Things that worried me about becoming a mother

Things that worried me about becoming a mother:

During my pregnancy phase I knew I was going to bring a beautiful child into this world….and that it is the greatest blessing you can receive. You’re constantly told that ‘becoming a mother’ will be the best thing ever happens to you. But it also comes with a huge sense of fear. After delivery your body is recovering but at the same time it feels like you will never ever be comfortable again.

There were few things that worried me most about becoming a mother which I am going to share with you all.

Normal or caesarian? Well my pregnancy was not a complicated one. My gynecologist had assured me of a normal delivery but no one can say what future holds for you. The mere thought of last moment’s emergency case, surgery, anesthesia, stitches , O.T would fill me with fear.

Will having a baby change my relationship with my husband? I was scared when I heard that after baby everything changes between couples. They don’t get enough time to spend with each other. No communication, no romantic dates, no alone time. But actually our baby was the reason to get us more closely, mentally and emotionally. My husband took extra care of me, my baby and our health. He helped me on those dreadful nights when all my energy was drained off.

Will I ever look like ‘’ me” again? How would my body change and how would I feel about this change? I’d heard about the “bellies” that mothers have, and C-section scars. Could I cope with this? Would I be able to get fit in my earlier favorite dresses? Thanks to those old traditional forty days which helped me get back in my shape and lose my weight. My mum in law advised me to consume fennel and black cardamom boiled water which initially I didn’t liked but by following her advice later, got tremendous results. And the scars! They didn’t bother me a lot as they seemed nothing in front of my child.

Sleepless nights make you tired and exhausted! How will I find the energy to do it all? Would my body allow me to look after my baby? What if I got dark circles under my eyes? A zombie look! Thanks to my whole family, as I was not alone to take him on my laps whole night. An afternoon time was reserved for me to take a nap which helped me to regain my energy and stamina.

Breastfeeding. This is a very common fear among breastfeeding mothers, especially those who have a difficult time breastfeeding. Would I be able to feed my baby? It is hard to judge that your baby is full or not, even how to keep tracks of feed. Yes at first it seemed difficult but in few days I learnt a new lesson that the baby will let you know when he or she is hungry.

Overall my journey of motherhood was a beautiful experience, no matter filled with fears, ups and downs. But after holding my bundle of joy in my arms all the pain I went through in this journey were nothing in front of my tiny baby.

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