Things to know about Twin Pregnancy


Things to know about Twin Pregnancy

Things to know about Twin Pregnancy:

We often get fascinated by twins and multiple pregnancies. It becomes a big question that how twin or multiple pregnancies happen. Therefore, if you are planning how to get pregnant with twins or multiples, then you may find this blog a useful one for you.

Before visiting a good gynaecologist, you should be knowing few things about twin pregnancy.

How is twin pregnancy possible in a single womb?

Twin pregnancy is possible to conceive in any of the following ways:

  • Multiple eggs are released, or ovulation occurred more than one time and as a result, more than one egg got fertilized. This results in fraternal twins. However, this can be happened naturally without following any fertility treatment.
  • If one egg is released and spits into two and gets fertilized. This results in identical twins, which is possible through a natural process.
  • If following any fertility treatment like IVF, then it is more likely to be a twin or multiple pregnancy, as here more than one fertilized egg is put back into the uterus. Although there is no sure-shot result of twin or multiple pregnancies, still the possibility is higher than the natural process.

So, once you are known about the process how the twins are made, there are other things to know about twin pregnancy.

  1. Choose your healthcare provider wisely.

Multiple or twin pregnancy comes with many situations which can make an expectant mother panic. However, not every situation is termed as a complication. Hence, it is important that a gynaecologist should be an experienced in handling twin or multiple pregnancies. An experienced healthcare provider can handle these situations with more ease without panicking the mother.

  1. Weight gain should be a proper

Once you are pregnant with twins, or multiples, it is important that you should look on your weight gain during your pregnancy. A weight gain in your twin or multiple pregnancies is a bit higher as compared to the single pregnancy. Although, this weight gain is completely dependent upon your weight pre-pregnancy. Therefore, it is good if you talk to your doctor about the weight gain.

  1. Folic acids in the diet

This is an important thing to know about twin pregnancy that a woman pregnant with twins need more folic acid in her diet to strike off any birth defect. Hence, you should increase the intake of folic acid once you are sure that you are going to deliver twins.

  1. More visits to Obstetrician

If you are carrying twins in your womb, then your obstetrician may ask you to have more visits to her clinic for check-ups and tests. Twin pregnancies require more monitoring than a single pregnancy.

  1. Morning sickness may be at a higher level

Morning sickness, which is a most common pregnancy symptom during the first trimester is more likely to be at a higher level for an expectant mother who is carrying twins in her womb. This is due to the higher level of change in hormones during the pregnancy.

Happy Pregnancy!

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