Tips for Keeping Children Healthy During Monsoons


Tips for Keeping Children Healthy During Monsoons

Tips for Keeping Children Healthy During Monsoons:

Monsoon is the best time of year where kids get to enjoy the beautiful rain and say goodbye to hot summer. The child loves to get drenched in rain and enjoy the first shower. But parents have a hard time managing the health of kids.

Here are some exceptionally great way to keep your kid fit and healthy during the monsoon.

1. Boil Drinking Water

The primary cause of fall sick during monsoon is waterborne diseases. Always boil the filtered water and then offer the water to your kids. It will kill all the germs and keep your kids healthy during the monsoon. In addition to it, always carry water bottles or opt for mineral water while you are traveling.


2.  Say No to Outside Foods

We surely are not aware of the ingredients and water used to cook the outside food. Avoid indulging in street foods or outside food during monsoon. Eat only at places where you are sure about the hygiene and food quality. Offer only home cooked meals to the kids.


3. Avoid Non-Vegetrain Foods

It is better to restrict the intake of non-vegetarian and seafood during the rainy season. Rainy season is the time when bacteria multiply the most, hence avoid stale food. Make sure to wash the vegetables and foods thoroughly before using it.


4. Wash Hands and Legs

As soon as the kids are back to home after school, playing or coaching ask them to wash hands and feet with lukewarm water Don't allow your kids to go out barefoot not even to nearby lawn or garden. Washing hands and legs is always a good practice to keep the kids away from infection and germs.

5. Keep the Kid Warm and Dry

Even after protecting the kids well during monsoon, there are some chances where kids can get wet. Make sure the child has washed hands and legs well. In addition to it, ask them to change into fresh and dry clothes if they are wet.

6. Umbrella and Raincoat

When your kids are stepping out, ask them to carry umbrella and raincoat. This will protect them from the sudden rain.

7. Provide Warm Food

In order to prevent food poisoning, always offer warm and well-cooked food to your little one. Never offer any raw food or sprouts as it can lead to indigestion.


8. High intake of vitamin C Food

Avoid giving cut fruits especially mangoes during the rainy season. Offer a high amount of vitamin C loaded fruits and vegetables as it helps to boost the immunity system. Include fruits like oranges, strawberries, banana, plums, guava into your diet.

9. Choose Home Remedies

If your  kid is under the weather, try to opt for home remedies instead of offering over the counter medicine. The home remedies will help to boost kid's immune system. Offer pepper Rasam, ginger tulsi infused water, turmeric milk etc.

10.  Avoid Dehydration

Encourage your child to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. This will reduce the chances of dehydration.

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