Top 5 good habits which you must teach your kids


Top 5 good habits which you must teach your kids

Top 5 good habits which you must teach your kids:


It is very important for the parents to teach good habits from the early age when the kids starts schooling their learning phase begins and we must educate them with good habits. When it comes to good habits we must focus on the healthy habits initially which they should implant them in his everyday life.

1.    Encourage Healthy Eating

This is the toughest job of all parents but it is also very important. It is very easy for the child to grab a pack of chips or relish on the cream biscuits. Make sure to explain the importance of healthy eating and explain to them how junk foods can harm their health.  If your kid is fond of fast foods like pasta and pizza try to opt for healthy options like whole wheat pasta and multigrain noodles.

2.    Table Manners

This is one of the crucial habits which you must teach your little ones. Make sure your kid is treated as an adult especially when they are at the dinner table, let them copy you and help them out with their queries.

3.    Brushing Twice a Day

Young kids are not cooperative especially when it comes to brushing. I am pretty sure every mother will have issues and brushing once can be the toughest job for many. Try to make brushing as a fun activity and encourage them to brush the teeth twice.

4.    Sleeping on Time

It is must to follow a right sleeping pattern, make sure your kid sleeps and wakes on time. This is very significant especially when your kid goes to school. They must follow a strict bedtime routine and must sleep for at least 8 hours a day. If they are not sleeping during night cut short the midday nap.

5.    Outdoor Games

Kids nowadays are glued to the TV and mobile watching games and videos. Make sure your kids are playing at least 1-2 hours a day outdoors. This will help the kids to mingle with other kids, enjoy fresh air and keep them physically fit.

6.    Cleaning Up The Mess

It is always the best thing for the child to clean up the mess, let them spend 15-20 minutes a day to keep their books and stuff in the right place. The best practice is to reward them with their favourite home cooked snacks once the mission is accomplished.

7.    Please and Thank You

This is very basic but also important, encourage your child to “say please” and “thank you” when needed. This will make them a humble human being and these magical words can handle most of the tasks without any issues.

8.    Sharing Is Caring

This is another important habit which must be taught to the kids from the beginning very . If your child is an only child, you need to encourage them to share their books, toys with others. Teach them how sharing doubles the fun and explain how privileged they are enough to have a particular object and others are not. Sharing is the best form of caring and every kid should know the art of sharing.

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