VLCC Ayurveda Baby Care Range - Review


VLCC Ayurveda Baby Care Range - Review

VLCC Ayurveda Baby Care Range - Review:


Recently VLCC has come up with its ayurvedic baby care range. Since my college days, I am using VLCC beauty products and it suits my skin very well.  When it comes to safe ingredients and healthy skin, VLCC is a trustable name. This is the reason I was interested in checking out the newly launched VLCC Ayurveda Baby Care Range.

The VLCC Ayurveda baby care range has 5 products that include, head to toe wash, baby cream, baby lotion, diaper cream, and a massage oil. The package claims to be formulated based on Ayurveda with natural ingredients and is paraben free.

Here is the detailed review about the VLCC Ayurveda Baby Care Range.

1.VLCC Ayurveda Baby Head To Toe Wash

The packaging is very handy and 100 ml pack comes for INR 140. It can be used on the baby's body and scalp too. There is zero presence of parabens. The package has details about all the ingredients used in it. Totally safe for everyday use, I experienced a slightly slippery feel after using it on my baby.

2. VLCC Ayurveda Baby Cream
The baby cream is thick and works wonderfully for dry skin, it gets easily absorbed on the skin and comes in a white creamy colour. It has a mild fragrance and moisturizes the skin instantly. The 100 gms tube is available for INR 130.

3. VLCC Ayurveda Baby Lotion

The consistency of the baby lotion is watery and can be used throughout the year. It keeps the skin hydrated and is perfect for normal skin as it gets absorbed easily. The 100 ml bottle is available for INR 85 only.

4. VLCC Ayurveda Baby Diaper Cream

 The consistency of diaper cream is thick and it keeps the diaper area well moisturized and works as a protective shield on the diaper area. There is no risk of getting redness or diaper rashes. It is best to heal the affected skin too.  The 100-gm tube is available for INR 165.

5. VLCC Ayurveda Baby Massage Oil

 The massage oil from VLCC has a mild herbal fragrance, it makes use of almond oil, Olive oil, clarified Cow’s butter & Tulsi as major ingredients. The flip-top cap makes the overall packaging sturdy. The texture of the oil is right and it gets absorbed on skin quickly. The oil is priced at INR 90 for 100 ml.


Without the use of preservatives, it is practically impossible to give a shelf life, but the choice of preservatives determines the safety of the product. The Babycare range from VLCC uses

1. Phenoxyethanol: There is no negative effect on the baby's skin, but if it is inhaled it can lead to lung issues. There is zero presence of toxic synthetic in it.

2. Ethylhexyl: It is to be used in moderation on the skin.


Final Verdict : I feel the baby care ayurvedic range from VLCC is good, effective and safe for everyday use. The range is also affordable and available online and offline.

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