Where to Invest Your Money in Your Early 20’s


Where to Invest Your Money in Your Early 20’s

Where to Invest Your Money in Your Early 20’s:

After graduation, our goal is to have a stable job that will provide us with a steady income. However, having one source of income is not enough to fulfill our financial goal. We should invest our money to have a passive income and eventually help us build our wealth.

With all the available investment opportunities in the market, how will you know which one suits for your financial goal? To help you out, here’s a short list of financial avenues where you can invest your money.

Life Insurance

Getting a life insurance is not on the top priorities of many people. But, it is something that you should think about.

Insurance is a financial product that provides cash benefit when the insured get injured, sick, or dies. It may also provide hospitalization benefits.

Furthermore, life insurance can also be an investment. Many insurance products today offer life protection with an investment feature. So, you are getting the best of both worlds.

Quick tip: Before getting one, make sure to seek advice from a financial advisor and compare different rates so you can see which one suits your needs and budget.

Mutual Funds

Mutual fund is a type of investment that refers to the pooled fund collected from various investors. An investor of mutual fund becomes a shareholder of the company wherein he/she invested in. They can grow money from the earned from dividends on stocks and interest on bonds.

Quick tip: Keep your funds for long term (eg. 5 years to 8 years) to be able to grow your money fully.


Unit Investment Trust Fund or UITF is an investment vehicle that refers to an open-ended, pooled trust fund that is administered by a trust entity, which are available for participation. This fund is professionally managed by fund managers.

You can earn money in UITF when you sell the units of your participation at a higher rate compared to the price when you purchased it.


Stock market is one of the popular means of investment. Investing in this type of investment vehicle associates risk since the stock market prices fluctuate every now and then. Your money can grow based on the net annual earnings of your capital.

Quick tip: One of the useful tricks in stock market investing is buy at low price and sell when the price increases.

Seminars and Trainings

Apart from different investment vehicles, you can also invest in your personal and career development.

Look for seminars and trainings related to your career. You can search for skills workshop that you want to pursue that can enhance your abilities, may it be a personal one or professionally.

Furthermore, you can talk to a life or career coach. This professional can motivate and help you achieve your goals in life.

Whatever you choose from this list, make sure to carefully study first before diving in. Enough knowledge is essential to any investment as it will lessen the risk. Remember to only invest to something you fully know.

Financial independence should start as early as in your 20’s since this is the prime of your career. You can maximize your time and avail these types of investment opportunities where you can grow your money.

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