Being pregnant prons or crons


Being pregnant prons or crons

Being pregnant prons or crons :

People think, being pregnant is the most precious and beautiful feeling of which only lady gifted by God. Man always argue with her wife that if god gift him to being pregnant they even good to carry their own child, but god knows that women is the strongest person in the universe who can easy to carry child in stomach without knowing that he/she would be. Women even care and make safe environment so that he/she grows.

Women wear the pain and pleasure at the same time, Even in middle of night she feed herself because she felt his child is hungry without thinking twice about her own figure.

So I thought I would do one today to analyze the prons and crons to analyze.


There are a very few prons if I compare the crons.

Trust me, I meet N numbers of lady to got this list done and I finally found these:

1. Carry a 9 month belly afterwards you got a baby it is always a precious feeling for mother and his family and all the pain and effort result a baby.

2. When you are pregnant you actually counting a days, months when your bundle of joy will arrive in your hand, but you can't do weight lifting, traveling. Doctor suggest lots of walking and basic yoga stuff not only just sitting and breathing.

3. Your breasts like a football, like some surgery is going on and it's actually painful day by day.

These breasts are actually looking embarrassing in front of others, and at the back one day they will start leaking-may be this is a con in disguise.

4. You feel hungry at every single hour and eat like anything, pizza, burger, cake everything in your plate in anytime and no one even bother.


Coming to Cons

1. The scary things people expect you to read, Ramayana, Geeta, Bible not any scary or horror book which will scare your baby, which is in stomach.

2. Random advice people are given.

Everyone come and give a different level of advice and I am sure you won't follow it and it's illegal. Sometimes doctor advice not to have and parents advice to have, that is illegal and even harm baby and mother both.

3. At some point in your future your expectations with your husband is actually killing him, which you can't handle it.

4. Everything that your parents had for you is not or you it's actually for your baby. Yes,, don't be surprised, be prepared.

5. When abdominal pain hurting you like anything, your expectations for your baby is lower down and you feel like when the baby will arrive.

6. You can't even have your favorite food if it's Papaya,pinnaple and some other stuff. you actually have to eat according to your doctor.

7. You realize before getting pregnant, it is possible you were a borderline/functioning alcoholic, you can't even take a sip of alcohol. If you like to take a sip of wine even you can't take it, because it can be harm both of them.

8. Modern Medicine Abandons you and result you feel nausea, vomit through out the day. When you want to go out, eating, sleeping, bathing anytime you vomit, even sometimes throughout a day vomiting is actually pissed you.

9. Your tastes change

The lifesaving cup of tea at three o’clock tastes sour, eating a chocolate, cakes in middle of night. Strange and it's dangers for your health but being a pregnant it's pretty normal.

10. Your hands get very dry and you feel like your hand is dirty, so every time you wash your hands and apply and moisturizer but doesn't work.

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