Best 8 Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer in Kids


Best 8 Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer in Kids

Best 8 Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer in Kids:

Mouth ulcers are painful boils inside the mouth or inner lip area, it can be a cracker sore which usually forms inside the mouth. They are usually in red or white color and are very painful. The kids can experience burning sensation and it is difficult for the kids to eat anything. Due to the pain and irritation, the child is usually irritated and refuse to eat.  The mouth ulcers usually take up to 2 weeks or more time to clear up.

Here are the best 8 Safe and Effective Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer in Kids

1. Honey

Honey is loaded with natural anti-micro bacterial properties, it is the perfect remedy to heal mouth ulcer at a faster speed. All you need is to apply a pea-sized honey on the affected area. The best part about honey is the sweetness and kids won't refuse this remedy.

2. Coconut

Coconut is a super food and best remedy to deal with painful mouth ulcers. Coconut can be given in all forms, you can dab coconut oil, water or milk on the mouth ulcer. Offer tender coconut water to your child this will also help to cool the body.

3. Ghee

Ghee or clarified butter can be directly applied to the sore mouth ulcer, it quickly helps to relieve ulcer pain,  and it also enables natural healing. Most kids won't have any issues with the taste of clarified butter.

4. Butter Milk

Butter Milk is loaded with natural lactic acid, it controls the bacterial growth. You can also ask your kid to use buttermilk as a mouthwash. Include buttermilk into the everyday diet as it works as a natural coolant.


5. Curd

Curds have natural probiotics and can relieve the symptoms of mouth ulcer. It also has natural lactic acid, you can prepare yummy lassi and fruit smoothies by adding curd, fruits, and honey. Offer it to your kids, they will love the cool treat.


6. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are loaded with natural vitamin A, B, C and have natural anti-inflammatory properties. Curry leaves are natural antimicrobial agents and help to cure cancer caused due to vitamin deficiency. Induce lots of curry leaves into your kid's diet. You can also prepare a paste with a handful of curry leaves and 1/2 cup of buttermilk. It is the best treatment for mouth ulcer.


7. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is a super plant which has all the goodness, it offers a good relief to painful mouth uncles. Cut the aloe vera leaves into 2 half, scoop out the gel with the help of a spoon, apply this gel on the affected the area. The taste can be bitter, but the remedy is very effective.


8. Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi leaves are natural herbs which are effective to cure several health issues like could, sore throat, cough, fever in kids. You can offer 5-7 tulsi leaves to you kid, ask them to chew so that the juice secrets well inside the mouth.

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