Feed your Brain!!


Feed your Brain!!

Feed your Brain!!:

Breakfast is acknowledged as the MOST important meal of the day. After all night fasting the body (brain) demands a fresh supply of glucose and blood sugar, thats the basic fuel to the brain!!. When you skip breakfast you MISS an opportunity to provide important and adequate nutrients to your body especially after an overnight fast. 

There are various reasons to add breakfast to your kids daily routine. So, what exactly makes breakfast so special?

Brain Function: There is always a connection between "breakfast and neurotransmitters." Skipping breakfast put a lot of stress to the body which in turn effects a persons neurotransmitters (dopamine and serotonin)levels, chemicals that regulate your mood. Eating breakfast regularly synthesize these neurotransmitters providing energy needs, following in enhancing memory, increase performance, better mood and behaviour.


Energy Levels: Children who DO NOT eat breakfast are likely to be less active physically and have low fitness levels. Moreover, when your child skip breakfast he tends to snack on more sugary and High-Fat foods,overeat in the evening and are more likely to become overweight, effecting their BMI (body mass index).

A hungry child have low concentration in school, poor energy levels at playtime, and aggresive behaviour in class. Therefore, a healthy breakfast every day is the best defence against everything.

So, Does it matter what breakfast a child should eat? 

Well the answer is YES!! We try to start with best breakfast composition for your growing kids.

1) Meal of the day: EGGS-perts sugget that to keep brain powered up, breakfast should be rich in proteins. So, eggs are a great way to start the day off right.

Eggs are power packed with high-quality proteins, the incredible edible egg can increase satiety levels (fullness), allowing your child to focus better at tasks in schools rather than having rumbling tummies. Eggs have all the nine essential amino acids, which are super essential for your kids brain development. These amino acids increase the levels of the chemicals in the brain, improving attention, memory recall, and also helps in decreasing aggresive behaviour and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder).

2) You may get HANGRY!! Most of the food that we eat are rich in carbs, so it is important to chose food that not only contain carbohydrates but also have good nutrients in it, ensuring that the body is NOT just provided with sugars.

It is important for your child to eat carbohydrates but with high fibre and low glycemic index (GI). Food with low GI is digested slowly causing a slower and lower rise in blood sugar making your children fuller for longer duration. Therefore, dairy products such as low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese and whole-grain bread, muffins are good choices. Also add up to some child-friendly fruits like banana, pears, melons citrus fruits for there grab-and-go alternatives.

3) Healthy Fats: Fat is another very important component to your kids diet as far as its the right kind of fat and in the right proportion. Including room for fat will always make your child satisfied after eating. As your child grows, fats becomes crucial and important for their brain development. Healthy fats are dense source of energy to our bodies and without it our bodies can't digest fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K. Therefore, adequate levels are important for cognition, memory and focus. Foods like-whole eggs and almond butter, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, nuts (can be included in smoothies), full-fat yogurt (can be used to make vegetable dips), soybean and corns  are some of the very good source of fats that can be included in your children's diet.

Of Course, its all about balance !! To little and too much things adding up to your child's breakfast or diet directly impact on lifetime health and brain development, Just by choosing the type of food. Therefore, A well-rounded breakfast makes a difference in your child's overall performance.








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