How to prepare Homemade Moisturizer for delicate baby skin


How to prepare Homemade Moisturizer for delicate baby skin

How to prepare Homemade Moisturizer for delicate baby skin:

It may be summers or winters, baby skin is super delicate and it is crucial for the parents to take proper care of it. It is the first layer of protection which is protecting all the inner organs from harmful environment radiations and pollutions. But, the biggest challenge is to protect the delicate skin from harmful chemical bottles which has a fancy name "Baby skin moisturizer". These tinny bottles are loaded with harmful chemicals and can definitely affect the baby skin and internal organs. The top brands in the market are loaded with parabens and preservatives which can have a negative effect on the baby skin. Nothing is best as compared to the Homemade Moisturizer. Preparing a moisturizer at home is definitely not a rocket science, all you need is the basic ingredients and little patience.

Here I am sharing an easy DIY Homemade Moisturizer which can be applied every day.
Ingredients to prepare Homemade Moisturizer
#1. Dry roasted and powdered oats - 1/4 cup
#2. Virgin coconut oil - 1/2 cup
#3. Olive Oil - 2 tablespoons
#4. Almond Oil- 1 tablespoon
#5. Aloe Vera gel - 1 tablespoon

Method to prepare Homemade Moisturizer
#1. Take a pan and dry roast the oats in medium flame. It will take 2-3 minutes.
#2. Allow the oats flakes to cool and then finely powder it.
#3. Take a heavy bottom pan and add virgin coconut oil.
#4. Now add the powdered oats to the coconut oil, make sure there are no lumps formed.
#5. You will be able to see little froth, allow the powdered oats to completely dissolve into the warm coconut oil.
#6. Make sure the flame is low, stir gently else the pan bottom will burn.
#7. Now add the olive oil and almond oil to this mixture. Turn off the flame.
#8. Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature and then add aloe vera gel to it.
#9. Transfer the homemade moisturizer to an airtight container once it is completely cooled.
#10. Make sure to store the homemade moisturizer in a cool and dry place, apply on baby's body twice a day.

Benefits of using homemade moisturizer
This homemade moisturizer has coconut oil as the main ingredients, it is very helpful to treat skin conditions like eczema and thrush. Additionally, this homemade moisturizer will help to get rid of diaper rashes and works as a protective layer on the delicate baby skin.  The natural antibacterial agent in coconut oil helps to control skin irritation. The almond oil present in the homemade moisturizer is loaded with natural Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E  and is the best antioxidant. It is best for delicate and sensitive baby skin. It will make the skin super soft and glowing. Additionally, it will repair the dry baby skin. Olive oils are also helpful to treat diaper rashes and it repairs dry skin.  Olive oil and oats works as a protecting shelf to safeguard delicate baby skin from harmful  UV rays, and pollution.  The aloe vera gel makes skin super soft.

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