Mum life - the rose without a thorn


Mum life - the rose without a thorn

Mum life - the rose without a thorn:

Mom life is the most fulfilling and also most challenging thing I've ever done! I forget when changing countless diapers,  running errand, feeding every few hours that I had to feed myself. Ain't no good like motherhood.  

 How is motherhood treating you?  A common question asked to every new bee mom. Amazing but sometimes tiring,  sleepless nights,  no time for outings,  no time for myself. I believe these are the possible answers that you give & I totally relate to the answers too but sometime back my mom asked me how you're doing in your role as a mother?  You read many books on motherhood,  people advised you but think about all you have learned that u never read in books!  Think about all you have learned about yourself. And as much as I try to avoid getting too philosophical while piecing together Mr potato head or trying to pull him out of someone's sock,  I decided to give the self-evaluation stuff a try. 

I started thinking about the early days. Amazingly enough,  I realized I did know something I'd never read in a book-all babies are born with innate sense that urges them to cry & demand immediate attention if their mother should attempt any of the following : a warm meal,  a phone call,  a good book,  a hot bath or some cuddle time with dear daddy. 

I have learned some unpublished facts about nutrition also.  I know 1 and a half year old can survive on yogurt,  cookies & grapes for extended periods of time.  I also know that peanut butter , besides being impossible to clean off a high chair,  is a great hair conditioner. 

Further thought made me realize that I have learned some things about myself.  I've discovered that if I don't have time to myself , I tend to get dull.  I have learned that for me to be a good (most of the time)  & sane ( some of the time)  mother,  I need a good friend who shares the same ideas & ideals of motherhood. I've also learned that every once in a while I think how peaceful it would be without my son,  it doesn't mean I don't love him because I do,  I love him so so much,  - it simply means I need a break.  And there are times when I don't like the peacefulness at all when he is sleeping for too long. I want to wake him up & cuddle with him,  play with him,  smother him with kisses. 

Then I thought of something else I learned. The things that scared me earlier now I fight it with courage,  there is a sort of calmness in my life, I became more patient & more mature because of my son.  I wasn't ambitious,  in fact i didn't know where my life was going.  I was living each day as it came but when adhiraj came into the world,  my world , everything changed. It became a turning point of my life. I started writing.  I never thought I could but now look at me i am 6 article old & right now writing my 7th article and it is dedicated to my son. 

 I do know now what it means to be a real mother!  It means that on our very bad days,  my method of survival relies on reciting,  "this, too, shall pass" and that on most days I know that this,  too,  shall pass - too quickly. I kept this little handsome fella,  my son in my womb for 9 months to be exact but he will be in my heart till I take my last breath. 

Lastly,  the most important thing I have learned about myself is that everything has changed & yet,  I am more ME than I have ever been. 

Bring on the toast!  A toast to ourselves &  our journey as a mother.  A toast to all the moms - single,  strict,  lenient,  lazy,  messy,  crazy,  obsessive,  loving,  caring. Know this that you are the best mom in the world.  For your kid you are his/her only best. 


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