New-born checklist: A complete checklist to buy before baby’s arrival


New-born checklist: A complete checklist to buy before baby’s arrival

New-born checklist: A complete checklist to buy before baby’s arrival :

Every first-time mom wants the best for their new-born baby, the sad reality is they are usually clueless about what to buy and what to leave. Buying stuff before the baby’ arrival can be fun and exhaustive. Here is the comprehensive checklist of what to buy before baby's arrival.


#1. Thermometer: It is a very important device which should be always available with new mommies. Opt for a digital thermometer, make sure it is easy to use and the readings are accurate.

#2. Diaper Bag: this is a necessity for all the mommies, you need a diaper bag almost everywhere be it a regular doctor’s visit or a social gathering. Select a diaper bag which is spacious and easy to carry.

#3. Face Napkins: Face napkin is must for babies, you would definitely need until the baby is 1.5 years old. Invest in a soft and good quality face napkin. Buy at least 2 dozens of pure cotton face napkins. 

#4. Wrapping Sheets: this is a must-have, you can select the fabric as per your choice, but cotton wrapping sheets tops the list and is best for fragile baby skin.

#5. Sterilized Cotton Balls: Keep at least 2-3 packs of sterilized cotton balls to wipe the tender baby skin every day. This comes handy to wash newly born poops and naval area. Select a soft and gentle sterilized cotton balls for baby.

6. Mosquito Net: New born’s skin is extremely delicate and a mosquito net is must to safeguard it from the venomous bite. Invest in a high-quality mosquito net as you would need it in monsoons too.



    5 full sleeves shirts

    5 sleep suits

    4 pairs cotton socks

    4 pairs of mittens

    1 dress up outfit for a photograph

Bathing and grooming essentials

    2 washed and sterilized soft bath towel.

    1 bathing soap, shampoo, oil

    Nair scissors


    Baby cream and body lotion

Mommy essentials

    3-4 feeding bras for easy breastfeeding, make sure to buy 1 cup size larger than your final trimester bra size.

    Feeding pillow for support

    Breast pump

    2 Sterilized feeding bottles

    1 Bottle cleaning brush

    4 disposable nursing pads

    5-nightgowns or dress for comfortable feeding

    Nipple cream to cure cuts and sore nipples



    Diaper: Stock it at least for 1 month

    Wipes: Invest in a high-quality non-scented wipes

    Cloth Nappies: Avoid buying triangular cloth nappies, invest in soft and cotton cloth nappies, it is easily available in the local market.

    Diaper rash cream: Invest in a good diaper rash cream, you can also use pure coconut oil to sooth the diaper rashes. Always check with the doctor.

    Mat: Avoid rubber sheet instead invest in a soft cotton sheet. It can also work as a sleeping mat and are easily washable.

    Quick Dry Sheet - This is the best invention for all new mommies. This sheet dries instantly and the texture is soft and similar to a foam. A quick dry sheet doesn't allow the liquid to reach the mattress. You can use it as a changing mat too, invest in 2 quick dry sheets.


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