Top 9 Iron Rich foods for Kids


Top 9 Iron Rich foods for Kids

Top 9 Iron Rich foods for Kids:

 Hemoglobin is very vital for our body. Our body needs iron which carries the oxygen from the lungs via blood into other body parts. The kids need a natural form of iron for development during the initial years. The deficiency of iron can make the child anemic, pale and dizzy. Iron helps to boost the immune system and increases the production of natural enzymes like the growth of a new cell, hormones, amino acids etc.

Here is the list of 9 Best Iron Rich Foods which should be included in kids diet

1. Beans

All the varieties of beans are loaded with natural iron, the iron content is very high in rajma, black beans, soya beans and pinto beans. 1/4 cup of soya beans contains 6.5 mg of iron. You can also experiment different dishes with kidney beans and lima beans. The best option is to prepare a salad.

 2. Sweet Potatoes

If your little one is fan of French fries, you can prepare a healthy variety of fries using sweet potatoes. 1 cup of Sweet potatoes have almost 5 mg of iron and it is also a natural source of vitamin C. The vitamin C present in sweet potatoes helps to easily observe the iron content.

 3. Dry Fruits

Mostly all dry fruits are high in iron content. You can include dry fruits like raisins, dates, prunes, apricot every day. Include these as a porridge topping.  You can prepare yummy smoothies with fruits and top it with a handful of dry fruits.

4. Green Leafy Vegetable

Include loads of dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, methi leaves into your child’s diet. They are the best and natural form of iron and fiber. In order to increase the iron absorption serve these vegetables along with vitamin C rich vegetables. You can serve a bowl of spinach soup with some sweet peppers. Or prepare a yummy pesto pasta with baby tomatoes and sweet peppers.

5. Tofu

Tofu can be included in the everyday diet and is the best source of iron for vegetarians. 8 ounce of tofu contains 12 mg of iron. The best part about tofu is, kids love the soft texture and it makes a yummy snack. Cut tofu into small cubes and dry roast it to make a yummy evening snack for kids.

6. Cranberry

Cranberry Juice is a natural source of iron, zinc, calcium. It also is best to cure the urinary infection and respiratory issues. You can include a healthy Cranberry Juice into your kid's diet.


7. Seeds

Sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame seeds are natural sources of iron, you can induce these in everyday cereals. You can prepare a thick paste using 3 seeds and this can be used as a hummus, dip, and spreads.

8. Cauliflower

Both cauliflower and broccoli are rich in iron content, you can prepare stir-fry veggies, soups, cutlets using them.

 9. Eggs

Egg yellows are a rich source of iron, you can offer egg in different forms to your kid like scrambled eggs, omelettes, boiled etc. Include a glass of fresh orange juice to increase the iron absorption.

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