Turning 30! Must read


Turning 30! Must read

Turning 30! Must read :

Hey everyone
I am here with a very interesting thing about life , that is ageing or growing older. And people find this bad of but there are many things that we should think about. 

People often say turning 30 means it's the end of many things like fun , enjoyment and skin and body. 

I am here with some interesting and some good things of turning 30. 

1. People take your view point seriously
Yes this happens with everyone before 30. People around you don't take you seriously. And many times we generally influenced by someone else's thoughts. We actually don't take ourselves seriously. 
So if you are turning 30 then you will be the person your family and friends consult once before taking any decisions. 

2. Confidence
Before 30 we generally feel low in confidence but as you turn 30 , you will feel more confidence in your voice , your body , your overall personality. 

3. You need less sleep
Yes this is true after 30 your body don't need much sleep as before. I have study about this in a research that your body need less fat, less food , and yes less sleep. 
If you see teenagers, they like to sleep every time because they need. They feel sleepy when they are free. 
Now turning 30, you have more time to do whatever you want to do in your life. So make a list of "to do".

4. Perfect time for anything
It's a perfect age for getting married or having kids or you want to do something desperately in your career. If you are single then at 30 there is more chances that you find more compatible person as you become mature. If mingle then focus on your relationships. 

5. You are so over trying to impress anyone
As a teenager we want to make our parents happy after that in college we try to impress our crush or loved ones, 
but after 30, you just get over it. And you only think about your life your dreams and you don't get deviated for impressing anyone. 
Now you become mature and you don't need more friends , you just need true friends. You don't care about what people think or see or anything like this. 

6. Your taste become healthier
I don't know why people before 30 have all junk and unhealthy cravings but after 30 you only want healthier things in your food regime. 
There is a saying"Grind your 20s ,Build your 30s and Chill your 40s".
So guys I hope you all liked my article and give your opinion about what I write here in the comment section.
Live and let live. Enjoy life because it is really beautiful. 
Thank you.

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