What happens when Mommy & Sonny study together


What happens when Mommy & Sonny study together

What happens when Mommy & Sonny study together:

Every stage of life has its own challenges. It’s completely different look and feel in the house to make these chirpy birds sit at one place and above all making them study. I personally don’t like this idea to make wonders study. My son is in preschool and in a month his formal school will start. It’s kind of tug of war when the study session starts. So, I met a friend a few months back and she happens to be a nursery teacher. Unintentionally, she tried to explain me formal school s expectation from a new joinee. Her set of the list went like this: ~ She said kids should know how to hold a pencil properly ~ Recognize numbers 1 to 10, shapes, alphabets (capitals and small), colors etc ~ Sky has a blue color, the grass is green, apple is red. ~ She said to make a proper regime for him. Give him an award for his best job. Though my son knows all this. But like every mother you always want that best for your child. I bought few activity books for the age group of 3+ and made sure he is studying daily. My set of mental and emotional trauma goes like this:

  • I take out 1 book and he wants to study other.
  • I try to go serially page by page and he wants to directly fly on the last page of the book.
  • As per his choice, when I ask him to color this, he wants to do another & when I take out that another page, he does not want to do that as well.

  Our Conversations goes like this: Me: ‘Saahir Frog is green in color, please color it green. He: Very innocently ‘why maama, I want to color it Yellow’. Me: (tries to be like a friend to him) ‘Saahir lets learn how to make Slanting line. He: ‘Maama, I really don’t like this. Let’s do something else. Till date, I have not understood what is that something which he really wants to do. My wisdom says:

  • Never to get pressurized by the school.
  • Always work as a team with the teacher. Listen to her and even can ask her for techniques how to captivate your little one’s attention.
  • Never compare your child to another one. Every child is unique.

I need more suggestions mommies. Please share your comments.

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