Have you thought about how your life opens or contracts based on the story we tell ourselves or others about our own life experiences? Have you considered the energy that comes from your story?  Is the energy of your story positive or negative? Do you understand that your story IS energy and what that means? Most importantly - Are you interested in knowing how to change a low energy story so you attract better energy and events into your life?  If not, why are you here?  What are your expectations if you aren’t willing to do the work, understanding that “Work” will require you to move out of your comfort zone?

If we aren’t willing to let go of our own old story and the energy it’s putting out and in-turn attracting back to us, then why are we here? Seriously. Have you ever asked yourself that?

I completely understand we each have emotions tied to our” story. I get it. But ask yourself, “Am I more interested in keeping my story the same, because it’s what I know, it’s what I’m used to, though it may be a terrible story am I more willing to live with it, than I am willing to venture into the unknown and let go of my story, in an effort to change it and make a better story?

I’m asking each of you to have a serious dialogue with yourself for the next few days and discuss all these questions. I’m asking this of you because what I have to offer you is not easy work. It’s not always pleasurable work. Yet, it is life changing work, if you truly commit.

I understand you don’t know me, so why would you take my word for it. Well for one, I’m going to allow you to know me and my story. I don’t offer my story to many people because I don’t believe in telling a story that may have low energy attached some parts of it unless it serves a greater purpose.

I feel telling my story to you is that higher purpose because it will show you the mistakes I have made and how I corrected them. It will provide you with the tools I had to learn through trial and error of what works and what doesn’t. But mainly, if you commit to doing the work, which takes guts, I believe you also need to know that you are not alone.  By sharing my story you will see that you are definitely not alone.  I have made some of the most horrid mistakes AND I’ve corrected them and live a happy fulfilled life.

For now, I would like you to consider that your story, has energy in every word. Every sound and letter has an energy frequency or vibration attached to it. Everything in the Universe is an energy frequency. If we continue to speak a story that through its message has a low energy attached to it, the energy we attract to ourselves would also be of a low energy frequency.

You must take the first step to cleaning out your own house, by releasing your low energy story.  I plan to take this one step at a time because there is a process to it, so please let me know if you are willing to release your story first, then we can move on to the next steps.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!

I wish you all joy!  


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